Re: [S] importing SAS datasets

Frank E Harrell Jr (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:26:29 -0500

sas.get runs a background SAS job to read an ordinary SAS
dataset - doesn't need to be an XPORT one.

Check out the enhanced version of sas.get in the Hmisc library.
It has a new feature where you read the output of PROC CONTENTS
CNTLOUT= to associate labels with variables.
Frank E Harrell Jr
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From: atakan yalcin <>
To: splus <>
Date: Sunday, November 08, 1998 4:23 PM
Subject: [S] importing SAS datasets

>Hi all,
>I am trying to import a SAS dataset into S+. We're running S+ Version
>3.4 Release 1 for Sun SPARC. I used the following SAS program to create
>a dataset using Xport engine:
>I then tried to use sas.get() in S+ to convert trans1.ssd into an S+
>dataset, but I couldn't succeed. Here are some of the S+ commands I
>> sas.datasets(lib=unix("echo /home/yalcina/betas/"))
>[1] "tran1"
>> test<-sas.get(lib=unix("echo /home/yalcina/betas/"),mem="tran1")
>sh: sas: not found
>_temp_.log: No such file or directory
>Error in sas.get(lib = unix("echo /home/yalcina/be..: SAS job failed
>with status
> 256
>I'll apprecaite any help that you can give me.
>Thanks in advance,
>Atakan Yalcin
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