[S] Postscript printing in Windows

Anne York (york@orca.akctr.noaa.gov)
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:14:29 -0800 (PST)

There have been several posts concerning the quality of
postscript output from Splus using the MS drivers.

There is an Splus postscript function that still exists in Splus
3.3 and that function seems to override the microsoft drivers.
Unfortunately, this function does not seem to exist in splus 4.

I did an experiment in Splus 3.3 and compared the output from
the old splus driver (OSD) and the windows driver (WD). I
generated postscript files and printed them directly to an
HP III SI postscript printer and I viewed and printed them
with Ghostscript. All were done at 300 dpi resolution. There was
no comparison in the quality of the output:

1. The output from OSD appeared sharper in the
ghostview screen, the ghostview printed copy on a laserjet III,
and direct printing to a laserjet IIIsi postscript printer.

2. The OSD supported line widths greater than 1 for all line
types, whereas the WD supported line widths greater than 1 only
for line type 1 (solid lines).

Is it possible to use the old driver in Splus 4? Perhaps splus
should sell (give??) their old driver to Microsoft.

Anne E. York
National Marine Mammal Laboratory
Seattle WA 98115-0070 USA
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