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Prof Brian D Ripley (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 21:26:56 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Anne York wrote:

> There have been several posts concerning the quality of
> postscript output from Splus using the MS drivers.
> There is an Splus postscript function that still exists in Splus
> 3.3 and that function seems to override the microsoft drivers.
> Unfortunately, this function does not seem to exist in splus 4.

Sorry, what? postscript() does exists on S-PLUS 4.0 and 4.5, and this
does generate PS directly. Maybe I am misunderstanding here.

> I did an experiment in Splus 3.3 and compared the output from
> the old splus driver (OSD) and the windows driver (WD). I
> generated postscript files and printed them directly to an
> HP III SI postscript printer and I viewed and printed them
> with Ghostscript. All were done at 300 dpi resolution. There was
> no comparison in the quality of the output:
> 1. The output from OSD appeared sharper in the
> ghostview screen, the ghostview printed copy on a laserjet III,
> and direct printing to a laserjet IIIsi postscript printer.

Did you mean GSView? ghostview is a unix program.

> 2. The OSD supported line widths greater than 1 for all line
> types, whereas the WD supported line widths greater than 1 only
> for line type 1 (solid lines).
> Is it possible to use the old driver in Splus 4? Perhaps splus
> should sell (give??) their old driver to Microsoft.

Ah, but it is not a Windows driver, and it can not produce EPS output.
The Adobe Windows 9x and NT drivers are better than the M$ ones:
on NT they will even produce EPS (but a level 2 only).

Please, please, please MathSoft DAPD, can we have Allan Wilks' S
postscript() function (the one in Splus 3.4) ported to Windows for S-PLUS
5.0 for Windows, if not before? Surely this is not at all hard.

Hint: pdf.graph() does produce high-quality output, and with the right
tools can make good EPS files. (The right tools are not, unfortunately,
acroread. The exportPS plug-in for acroexch, for example.)

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