[S] S+ and double processor

Goetz Wiegand (GW.ivu.Freiburg@t-online.de)
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 08:04:51 +0100

... is there somebody who has experience with

S+ 4.5 Release 1


a double processor INTEL Pentium II computer with 400MHz
under MS Windows NT 4.0 (1381)
with ASUS Board P2B-D/P2B-DS AGP

On our double processor computer a series of S-Plus-batch-jobs causes a NT-crash
with a blue screen.

I used the same S-Plus-batch-jobs on different hardware under various operating
systems without any problems before.

All other applications (air-chemistry models, etc.) run without problems on our
double processor computer.

*----> Systeminformationen <----*
Prozessoranzahl: 2
Prozessortyp: x86 Family 6 Model 5 Stepping 1
Windows NT-Version: 4.0
Aktuelles Build: 1381
Aktueller Typ: Multiprocessor Free

Please contact me, if you have heard of similar problems.

Goetz Wiegand

Dr.-Ing. Goetz Wiegand
IVU GmbH Freiburg; Burgweg 10; D-79350 Sexau
Tel 0049 7641 5304-6
Fax 0049 7641 5304-7
mailto: GW@ivu-Freiburg.de
URL: www.ivu-Freiburg.de

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