[S] Converting to Splus 5 - is convertOldLibrary necessary?

Carl Schwarz (cschwarz@cs.sfu.ca)
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 16:18:06 -0800

We've upgraded to Splus 5 under Solaris and I'm attempting to convert my
Splus 3.4 routines to Splus 5.

I used the convertOldLibrary to convert my .Data from 3.4 to 5, but it
strips ALL COMMENTS from all of my functions. This "feature" doesn't seem
very friendly - is there a work around?

More to the point, is it really necessary to use the convertOldLibrary if
the old libraries just have pretty basic functions. For example, most of my
work involves fitting MLE to generalize linear models using pretty standard
stuff. Can I just start up Splus 5 using my old .Data libarires and use
the old functions etc as is?

I've tried to read the online documentation that came with our Splus 5
release, but it is not very clear.


Carl James Schwarz
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Simon Fraser University
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