Re: [S] Converting to Splus 5 - is convertOldLibrary necessary?

Z. Todd Taylor (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 07:42:57 -0800

Carl Schwarz <> wrote:

> We've upgraded to Splus 5 under Solaris and I'm attempting to convert my
> Splus 3.4 routines to Splus 5.
> I used the convertOldLibrary to convert my .Data from 3.4 to 5, but it
> strips ALL COMMENTS from all of my functions. This "feature" doesn't seem
> very friendly - is there a work around?
> More to the point, is it really necessary to use the convertOldLibrary if
> the old libraries just have pretty basic functions. For example, most of my
> work involves fitting MLE to generalize linear models using pretty standard
> stuff. Can I just start up Splus 5 using my old .Data libarires and use
> the old functions etc as is?

I maintain all my S functions in separate text files so I can't
speak to the transferrability of functions. It does appear that
using unconverted data objects is a no-no, though. Simply
attaching an Splus 3.* directory works, but as those objects are
used in computations memory use seems to increase rapidly and,
apparently, without bound. (Solaris 2.5.1)

Another thing I've noticed about Splus 5...trellis graphics
render themselves much (MUCH, *MUCH*) slower than before (my
'before' is version 3.3, not 3.4).

And, if version 5 has lesser memory requirements I haven't
noticed it yet. Indeed, the start-up footprint if quite a bit
larger than before. Maybe it holds up under looping better; I
haven't tested that.

Any other testimonials?


Z. Todd Taylor
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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