[S] Generating Multivariate Cauchy

Mon, 23 Nov 98 16:37 EST

Gonzalo Mari (gmari@math.carleton.ca) asks how one may generate
a Multivariate Cauchy in Splus...

This is a special case of the multivariate t-distribution, which is
defined as a multivariate normal divided by the square root of an
independent scalar chi squared variate divided by its degrees of

In S-Plus it seems best to generate such distributions directly
from their definition. Thus to generate a multivariate Cauchy
one might do something like:

rnorm(n)/rnorm(1) ## n is the dimension

If anyone knows better ways to deal with multivariate
t-distributions, I would appreciate the information..

Andrey Feuerverger / Statistics / U of Toronto / andrey@utstat.toronto.edu

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