[S] Problems with mixed.mtext and Solaris 7

Kim Pilegaard (kim.pilegaard@risoe.dk)
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 10:06:53 +0000 (WET)

I have been using the mixed.mtext function for creating labels with subscripts,
greek letters etc. I am running S-Plus vers. 3.4 on a SUN SparcStation 20.
Recently I changed from Solaris 4 to Solaris 7.

When I use mixed.mtext now it works fine on the screen (motif) and I can also
print successfully to a PostScript printer from the motif device. However, when
i use postscript("file") instead, I get an error as shown in the example below.

Can anybody solve this?

"test.plot" <- function( )
plot(sin(1:100), type = "l", ylab = "")
mixed.mtext(2, 0.25, texts = "~a~c.7~.o~.C", adj = 0.5)

> postscript("test.ps")
> test.plot()
Data undecipherable, line 1 of file /tmp/file10592
Field contains "0,278"
Error in scan(file = tfile, what = list(id = integ..: Can't interpret field as
mode single

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