[S] Pie Chart control: outline wedges with grey or black?

Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:39:41 -0800

I am generating a special pie chart display in which one pie overlays
another to compare the Total with a subset of the total for the same
category distribution.
(PLEASE do not preach to me about whether I SHOULD be using pie charts or
another graphic form!)

What I AM stuck on is how to show the (unexploded) pie slices in outline
with grey or black; the pie() function as it stands displays the set of pie
wedges in a series of colors with no border color for the circle as a whole
or the individual pie slices or wedges.
Does anyone know how to generate the outlines or borders in a user-selected

Thanks for any help
Andy White

Andrew N. White, Ph.D., Research Manager
Statistics Department
Hawaii Medical Service Association
818 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu Hawaii 96814
ph 808-948-5344 / fax 808-948-5063
email awhite@hmsa.com

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