Re: [S] New family for GLM

Bill Venables (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 08:56:53 +1030

>>>>> "Vadim" == Vadim A Kutsyy <> writes:

Vadim> Hello. How could I define new family for GLM (actualy
Vadim> I need to define new link for binomial family).

with great care and proper attention to the finest detail. :-)

Sorry, but that's about the only feasible answer to give here,
but let me draw to your attention (and anyone else who's
listening) section 7.4 of the second edition of V&R which gives
an example of constructing a new family. This example has an
extra twist to it, namely requiring an argument theta to be
specified. In most cases the problem is less difficult than
this, but it always has to be done very carefully, I suggest.

Bill Venables.
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