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Prof Brian Ripley (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:42:10 +0000 (GMT)

William Shannon <> wrote:

> My version of S-Plus 5.0 is running VERY slowly doing things that I
> would not expect it to bog down on. Before dragging my system operators
> in to try to fine tune, I would like to see if the performance I am
> experiencing is typical.

Could I ask that people say precisely which version of 5.0 they are using?
For me 5.0r3 (I have an early copy) dramatically outperforms 5.0r2
in memory usage and consequently in speed.

One performance comment for those with less than 496Mb RAM personally
(and I assume an Ultra Enterprise is a shared server) is to ensure that
enough swap space is available. As Andrew Bruce wrote yesterday, 5.0
allocates 40Mb or so of things it probably will not use: you do need
that much free swap space though, and it appears to be 40Mb per S-PLUS
process. We found adding 100Mb extra swap per S-PLUS 5 user
helped a lot. (My machine here had 96Mb RAM and only 64Mb swap
configured, which had been ample.)

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