[S] density estimation

Laura Pagani (pagani@dss.uniud.it)
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 15:06:18 +0100

I have generated a (nXK) matrix of random number from a Normal
distribution, where
n is the sample size and K il the number of samples.
For each column of this matrix I have calculated the mean, the median,
the variance and the mean deviation from the median, but I am not able
to calculate the density estimation at the median.
I tried with "ksmooth" but the result is a sorted vector of sample
medians with the
corresponding density estimation, in this way I loose the correspondence
with the other
sample quantities.
I hope that my question is clear enough (excuse me for my bad english).
Thank you in advance, Laura Pagani.
P.S. I have a S-PLUS V. 3.3, release 1 for MS Windows 3.1, 1995.

Laura Pagani
Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche
UniversitÓ di Udine
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33100 Udine

Tel. +39 0432 249576 Fax +39 0432 249595

e-mail laura.pagani@dss.uniud.it


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