[S] SURV object

Barker, Chris {GL P~Palo Alto} (CHRIS.BARKER@roche.com)
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 15:04:37 -0800

I'm sorry to ask such a simple question. I'm just starting to use SPLUS for
survival analysis.

I'm getting one of those mysterious (to me) error message when trying to
create a Surv object.

The error message is

Error in Surv(days, censor): Time and status are different lengths

Typical values for days (my time variable) and censor are
days censor
255.50 0.00
168.45 0.00

I'm guessing that the Surv procedure doesn't like the fact that I have
values of censor that are 0.0?

Chris Barker
Principal Pharmacoeconomic Statistician
Roche Pharma Business - Palo Alto

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