Re: Two interesting free software statistics apps projects

Luigi M Bianchi (lbianchi@YORKU.CA)
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 23:04:20 -0500


R is indeed a great package, and the binaries available for
Windows 95/NT work well out of the box, without the need for Emacs or
other shells, although Emacs and other Unix shell do provide extra
benefits. OpenDX, on the other hand, does require a unix
environment, and the "cygnus" package must be installed first for it
to to work.

Luigi Bianchi

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Subject: Two interesting free software statistics apps projects

R is a GNU GPL'ed statistics program that runs well on a number of
variants including freebsd linux etc. and on Windows. R is being ported
to the Macintosh as well. I've been playing with it and it's quite nice.

It uses a commandline/script interface and graphics output so it works
best with specialized editing modes in Emacs (there's one called
ESS-mode) or a good native shell/editor. I'm not sure what's available
for Win/Mac in that regard ( under "cygnus"
has ported a number of Unix tools to Windows though).

Conceivably with the right scripts one could "roll their own"
statistical tools "environment" for teaching.

In a related vein IBM's free OpenDX Data Visualization project has
plenty of whizbang to it for really massive data sets ;-)


Graham Todd
York University, Toronto

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