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In general, higher education has been and is experiencing a funding and cost
crisis that is long term and structural in nature. Traditional
has trimmed the margins but rarely have the core or structural problems been
confronted. Employees are being expected to do more with less.
Customer demands have increased and the public and legislatures are
seeking greater accountability for the funds they invest in education.

The purpose of the BPRREENG-L listserve is to provide a forum for
colleges and universities to share experiences and +best practices+
with re-engineering (or redesign) activities.


Business Process Re-engineering (also called Business Systems Engineering,
Business Engineering, Business Process Redesign, or just BPR) is a
a relatively new emerging field with promising prospects. There are
claims that the application of BPR can take 78 days out of an 80-day
turnaround time, cut 75% of overhead, and eliminate 80% errors.

According to the National Association of College and University
Business Officers (NACUBO) publication, Business Process
Redesign for Higher Education, BPR has been defined as
+A managerial approach that holistically incorporates institutional
strategy, work processes, people, and technology to improve performance
radically and to create sustainable competitive advantage by challenging
and redesigning the core business processes of an institution using
operational, technical, and change management in a unified way.+

In general, BPR implies a wide range of topics, such as:
* Job Design
* Technology Infrastructure
* Change Management or Change Integration
* Workflow Management
* Administrative Logistics
* Corporate Re-engineering,
* and others

The field is rapidly growing and getting information about the latest
developments seems to be as hard a job as understanding the phenomenon.
BPRREENG-L has been set up to overcome some of these problems,
specifically for colleges and universities.


BPRREENG-L was created in mid April, 1995, and tries to facilitate the
development of a human network consisting of members with shared
interests and skills in the field. Its purpose is to promote a constructive
dialogue about college and university-related BPR and to provide the
opportunity for sharing all kinds of useful, BPR-related information.

Ultimately, information provided to the listserve may be retained to
become a repository of college and university-related re-engineering
activities and efforts.

BPRREENG-L is an electronic mail group which can serve as a
communication channel for practitioners, researchers, and as an
electronic device for +meeting+ other people who are working on
this topic.

The principle of BPRREENG-L is simple: each message sent to
BPRREENG-L is automatically distributed to the mail addresses of
all other BPRREENG-L members. Types of messages that can be
sent are:

* announcements
* questions
* discussions
* etc.

Depending on the success of this newsgroup, the administrator of
the newsgroup will attempt to place messages relating to actual BPR
activities onto a gopher server to provide a means to
+look up+ by process, what colleges and universities are involved
currently or have had experiences re-engineering.
Information will be later posted to this newsgroup as to the
location of the gopher information.

We anticipate that the process/categories to be established for the
gopher server will be as follows:

* Accounting and Budget Processes
* Human Resources
* Procurement
* Student Admissions
* Student Loans & Financial Aid
* Student Registration
* Traffic & Parking

* Change Management
* Communications
* Education/Training
* others


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unsubscribe BPRREENG-L

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The archive of the BPRREENG-L mailing list contains a number of files.
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Wanted files can be retrieved with the +GET+ command. Examples of its use
are given below to retrieve information on frequently asked questions may be

GET BPRREENG-L tools.faq

The archive contains also digests with copies of older e-mail messages
sent to the BPRREENG-L mailing list. These digests can be obtained by using
the same commands:

GET BPRREENG-L bprreeng-l.digest 20


In order to assist with the archival and retrieval of the listserve
when you send questions, answers, and general information, that we use a
basic subject description methodology (yes -- re-engineer the way we process
messages). First identify the PROCESS, followed by TOPIC; then followed
by you college, university, or organization. For example:

If I am requesting (from Ohio State) general information to the subscribers
about BPR for the accounting processes, I will used the following subject:

Subject: Accounting -- Question -- Ohio State

If I am answering a question earlier posted by Penn State concerning the
Human Resource process:

Subject: HR -- Answer to Penn State -- Ohio State

By following this type of structure, we should all be able to use our time
more effectively in identifying issues that we are interested in reading,
and will be able to easily archive and retrieve who is doing what.


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GET BPRREENG-L bprreeng-l.digest.20 -- get (retrieve)
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SEARCH BPRREENG-L -ALL simulation -- give archive files that
the word +simulation.+


If you encounter any difficulties with the use of the BPRREENG-L, or on the
list, you can send an e-mail message to
with the
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For any other questions on the topic of BPRREENG-L, or on the list,
please contact :

Mark Minnis
Systems Analyst
Administrative Resource Management System (A.R.M.S.)
The Ohio State University
J. Leonard Camera Center
2050 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43221
phone: (614) 688-3748

Dan Allen
Manager Business Process Re-engineering
Administrative Resource Management System (A.R.M.S.)
The Ohio State University
J. Leonard Camera Center, Room 503
2050 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43221
phone: (614) 688-3318