Student Services Review - Update and meeting schedule

Renata Faverin (rfaverin@YorkU.CA)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 17:31:30 -0400

Hello to everyone on the Student Services e-mail distribution list -
many of you were added to this listserv some time ago, others will see
this for the first time. Please be aware that when you respond to the
address above ( you will be communicating
with all of us simultaneously.

This listserv was created by Georges Monette so that we could keep each
other informed of anything which is pertinent to our Student Services
Review and I will make this rather long in order to communicate several
pieces of information. Please read on as I will post specific messages
to specific individuals within this one.

An overview of our organization:

While some of you have seen the approved scoping document, others are
waiting for it to arrive in the mail (as soon as I can access the
photocopier - likely the end of this week) so you may not know who is
who. Since the scope of the review is rather large, we have organized
ourselves like this:

Overview Team

This is the group responsible for just about every aspect of the review
and was the one who contributed to the making and approval of the
scoping document:

Joanna Pesaro (Admissions)
Bob Everett (Secretariat)
Debra Glass (Student Affairs)
Georges Monette (Math&Stats)
Jessie Paquette (Registrar's Office)
Lorie McRae (Registrar's Office)
Renata Faverin and Phil Kucharsky from Work Process Review

All of the people above have also committed to participating in 1 of the
2 major processes to be reviewed as part of this project. One of these
has begun and we've been meeting for a few weeks already. This group is
the Support Activities Team, affectionately referred to as the "C" team.
This group meets regularly on Monday afternoons in 230A York Lanes from
1 to 4 p.m.:

"C" Team

Billie Mullick (VPIA's Office)
Clark Hortsing-Perna (York International)
Tom Arnold (Parking)
Georges Monette, Lorie McRae, Renata and Phil from the Overview Team

The second of the major processes is the Mandatory Advising Team which
we will affectionately refer to as the "A" team. The following are
those of you who have firmly committed to joining the group:

Nick Elson (ESL/DLLL)
John Thomson (Library)
Joanna Pesaro and Debra Glass from the Overview Team along with Phil and

We are hoping to have Michael Creal (Humanities) and Alice Reppert (FES)
join us as well.

One aspect of the project which received approval from both VPAA and
VPIA is temporarily on hold - this to give the Admissions Office an
opportunity to review its own processes alongside with the Registrar's
Office. While we give them a chance to do this, those of you who I
asked to join the "B" team to look at the advanced standing process, I
would now ask to join the "A" team - everyone's input is most needed and
welcome. You are:

Ron Bordessa (Geography and Social Work)
Bob Everett and Jessie Paquette from the Overview Team as well as Phil
and myself.

Assuming this is OK with Ron, Jessie and Bob, the "A" team will begin to
meet for the first time on Tuesday, January 2, from 1:30 to 4:30 in 230A
York Lanes.

Those of you who have not yet received the scoping document in the mail
- stay tuned, it's on its way). My records show that John, Debra,
Jessie, Alice and Ron are the only ones who do not yet have the
document. If I've missed someone, please let me know.

I think I've covered everything I need to at this point. I wish all of
you a happy and safe holiday if I don't see you until then. Also, thank
you all very much for agreeing to take part in this most challenging