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Ken Stolz (kstolz@selway.umt.edu)
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 12:44:47 -0500

Dear Keith:

I have been "talking" with many campuses over the last month about
integrated student "enrollment" services: recruitment, admission, financial
aid, registration, fee payment, etc. I am not aware of anyone who is doing
just admissions and registration.

There appear to be several themes emerging, out of the dual desire to serve
students better and control costs:

1) One stop shopping (bank lobby model). Physically locating these
functions together. Counter staff are generalists who can respond to
questions and conduct normal business across all the functions. Specialists
are on call to respond to more technical questions/problems. "Back room"
processing operations are not interupted by student contact. Good student
information system stands behind the entire organization.

2) Direct Access Technology. Give students direct access to key
functions so they don't have to visit offices to transact routine functions.
Access technologies include touchtone, touch screen, and on-line (campus
sytems and WWW). Functions provided include admitting, registering for
classes, printing grades, transcripts and class schedules, paying bills,
obtaining financial aid status, etc.

3) Cross-Functional Teams. Assign students to teams of representatives
of each of these functional areas. Teams are often under own organization
(customer service) while specialists and processing staff remain in
traditional offices.

4) Training. Lots and lots of technical cross training and customer
service training.

Of course there are other models, combination models, and many variations.
I would still appreciate hearing the details of more student enrollment
process re-engineering efforts from other "BPRREENGers."

Hope this helps!

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