The Workflow Strategies of the Big Three

Layna Fischer (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 15:56:31 -0500

One of the most important sessions at the upcoming Business Process and
Workflow Conference is called "The Workflow Strategies of the Big Three:
Lotus, Novell and Microsoft," by Connie Moore and Torrey Byles, well-known
senior analysts at Giga Information Group (formerly BIS Strategic
Decisions). This indepth session covers how the Big Three compare as
workflow and electronic commerce providers.

Connie and Torrey wanted me to pass on a question from them, however, to
help them make the presentation more meaningful for users.

"What do potential *buyers* of ad hoc workflow, production workflow and
intercompany workflow/electronic commerce software need to know about
Microsoft, Novell and Lotus' workflow strategies? "

Your specific questions and observations about their strategies are
welcomed. You may post to the group if you think this a topic you'd like to
continue sharing or reply directly to me, and I'll pass on the responses to
the Connie & Torrey.

Many thanks


PS: Conference is at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, Feb 4-7. To
register, call Scott Washburn at 617-982-9500 (fax 617-982-1724) or sign up
via the Web page at URL (has full
agenda on line). WARIA members get $100 discount.

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