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This looks to be right up our alley.



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Subject: BPRREENG-L digest 126

BPRREENG-L Digest 126

Topics covered in this issue include:

1) BPRREENG-L digest 125 -Reply
2) RFI - Admissions/Registrarial Services
by kstolz@selway.umt.edu (Ken Stolz)
3) The Workflow Strategies of the Big Three
by Layna Fischer <waria@gate.net>
4) RE: BPRREENG-L digest 125
by *DAN ALLEN <DALLEN@smtpgw.arms.ohio-state.edu>


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Subject: BPRREENG-L digest 125 -Reply
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I will be on vacation from the 8th to the 15th of January. I will
reply to your message on the 16th when I have finished getting my tan.


Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 10:28:29 -0700
From: kstolz@selway.umt.edu (Ken Stolz)
To: bprreeng-l@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
Subject: RFI - Admissions/Registrarial Services
Message-ID: <199601081728.KAA21227@selway.umt.edu>

Dear Keith:

I have been "talking" with many campuses over the last month about
integrated student "enrollment" services: recruitment, admission,
aid, registration, fee payment, etc. I am not aware of anyone who is
just admissions and registration.

There appear to be several themes emerging, out of the dual desire to
students better and control costs:

1) One stop shopping (bank lobby model). Physically locating
functions together. Counter staff are generalists who can respond to
questions and conduct normal business across all the functions.
are on call to respond to more technical questions/problems. "Back
processing operations are not interupted by student contact. Good
information system stands behind the entire organization.

2) Direct Access Technology. Give students direct access to key
functions so they don't have to visit offices to transact routine
Access technologies include touchtone, touch screen, and on-line
sytems and WWW). Functions provided include admitting, registering for
classes, printing grades, transcripts and class schedules, paying
obtaining financial aid status, etc.

3) Cross-Functional Teams. Assign students to teams of
of each of these functional areas. Teams are often under own
(customer service) while specialists and processing staff remain in
traditional offices.

4) Training. Lots and lots of technical cross training and
service training.

Of course there are other models, combination models, and many
I would still appreciate hearing the details of more student enrollment
process re-engineering efforts from other "BPRREENGers."

Hope this helps!

R. Kenneth Stolz (Ken)
Assistant to the Vice President
Administration and Finance
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
Voice: (406) 243-6001
FAX: (406) 243-5537
< kstolz@selway.umt.edu >
< http://www.umt.edu/ >

The University of Montana - Education is Our Natural Resource


Date: Mon, 8 Jan 96 15:23:05 PST
From: Layna Fischer <waria@gate.net>
Subject: The Workflow Strategies of the Big Three
Message-ID: <Chameleon.960108152429.waria@gate.net.gate.net>

One of the most important sessions at the upcoming Business Process and
Workflow Conference is called "The Workflow Strategies of the Big
Lotus, Novell and Microsoft," by Connie Moore and Torrey Byles,
senior analysts at Giga Information Group (formerly BIS Strategic
Decisions). This indepth session covers how the Big Three compare as
workflow and electronic commerce providers.

Connie and Torrey wanted me to pass on a question from them, however,
help them make the presentation more meaningful for users.

"What do potential *buyers* of ad hoc workflow, production workflow and
intercompany workflow/electronic commerce software need to know about
Microsoft, Novell and Lotus' workflow strategies? "

Your specific questions and observations about their strategies are
welcomed. You may post to the group if you think this a topic you'd
like to
continue sharing or reply directly to me, and I'll pass on the
responses to
the Connie & Torrey.

Many thanks


PS: Conference is at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, Feb 4-7.
register, call Scott Washburn at 617-982-9500 (fax 617-982-1724) or
sign up
via the Web page at URL http://www.waria.com/waria/disney.html (has
agenda on line). WARIA members get $100 discount.

Layna Fischer, chair waria@gate.net
Workflow And Reengineering International Association (WARIA)
URL http://www.waria.com/waria/
c/o Future Strategies Inc.
3640 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 USA
tel:305-782-3376 fax: 305-782-6365
Try 1-800-GROUPWARE (800-476-8792), the new Fax-0n-Demand database of
groupware, workflow/bpr products,tools and services. Free information
service!! (International callers dial 415-637-2600 from a fax machine)


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From: *DAN ALLEN <DALLEN@smtpgw.arms.ohio-state.edu>
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Subject: RE: BPRREENG-L digest 125
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As you may be aware, The Ohio State University is currently working on
re-engineering its accounting and human resource systems. As I
it, in the next month or so, decisions MAY be made to begin
our procurement systems and our admissions. Sorry, I can't give any
stories at this time -- interested in the same materials.

Dan Allen (allen.31@osu.edu)
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Subject: BPRREENG-L digest 125
Date: Monday, January 08, 1996 11:37AM

BPRREENG-L Digest 125

Topics covered in this issue include:

1) Admissions/Registrarial Services
by KEITH GIBBS <KEITH_GIBBS@carleton.ca>


Date: Mon, 08 Jan 96 10:42 EST
From: KEITH GIBBS <KEITH_GIBBS@carleton.ca>
To: BPRREENG-L@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
Subject: Admissions/Registrarial Services
Message-ID: <960108.10480488.053853@ADMIN.CP6>

Our Steering Committee is looking at recommending that our Admissions
very decentralized registrarial services processes be reengineered.
Senior management is quite skeptical.
Do you know of any reengineering success stories in these areas that we
point to?
Your help is much appreciated.

Keith Gibbs, Director Internal Audit, Carleton University, Ottawa Ont.
5B6 KEITH_GIBBS@CARLETON.CA Tel: (613) 788-2600-4041 Fax: (613)


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