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David Wright (O.F.J.Weiss@cranfield.ac.uk)
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 11:09:59 -0500

The Third European Academic Conference
Business Process Redesign
21 and 22 February 1996

to be held at
Cranfield School of Management
Cranfield University
Cranfield, Bedford, MK43 0AL, UK
The full brochure with the speakers and their
papers has been printed. If you have not received
the information pack for the conference yet,
please contact Jane Clark (See below)


The literature, either on or relating to,
Business Process Redesign continues to grow.
Many academic and practitioner journals, even the
more esoteric, have usually one or two articles
in each issue. There is a growing debate on
whether BPR is worthy of any further management
and research time or effort. The basis of this
argument is that BPR lacks a sound theoretical
foundation. Yet organisations in various
industries continue to embark on BPR initiatives,
aided by numerous consultancy companies, and no
fewer academics. This conference will cover both
the theoretical debate and the practical issues
organisations are likely to encounter when
implementing BPR. The conference will address
these issues by bringing together state of the
art research.


There will be eight streams divided over two days
The topics, speakers and title of their papers

Stream 1: A Global Perspective of BPR

"University Re-engineering Using a BPR Supporting
Tool", Jin Young Park, Sung Joo Park, Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

"Key Success Factors in British Industry"
Janet Price and Oscar Weiss, Cranfield School of

"BPR Projects in Finland: An Evaluation of Change
Management in 21 Large Finnish Organisations"
Pasi P"l"nen and Henrikki Tikkanen, Turku School
of Economics & Business Administration

Stream 2:Balancing Structure: Process and

"The Impact of Strategic Context on BPR Planning
and Implementation"
Tapio Reponen and Juha Parnisto, Turku School of
Economics & Business Administration

"Responsibility Modelling and its Application to
the Re-Alignment and Re-Engineering of
Andrew Blyth, University of Glamorgan

"Managing By Business Processes"
Professor Colin Armistead, Bournemouth University
Business School

"Reducing Process to Function: the Basis for Re-
engineering in Sales and Distribution"
Jan Holmstr"m, Helsinki University of Technology

Stream 3: Reconciling BPR with Power Bases

"The Application of Business Process
Reengineering in the United Kingdom: an Empirical
Neil Doherty and Amrat Mistry, Loughborough
University Business School

"Essential Pre-Requisites for Successful BPR"
Sylvie Jackson and Dr Victor Newman, CIM
Institute, Cranfield University

"Legitimation and Discipline: BPR Critical
Success Factors"
Leiser Silva and James Backhouse, London School
of Economics

"The `Un'radical Side of Radical Business Process
Androniki Panteli, University of Glasgow Business

Stream 4: Tools and Techniques

"Braiding Business Processes with Organizational
Anthony Gill, SYNCHO Ltd and Stephen Blythin,
SYCOMT Consortium

"Process Re-Engineering of Real-Time Systems"
Alfred Gembeh and Dr S K Banerjee, University of

"Will the Use of RAD Save BPR Visions from
Turning into IS Nightmares?"
Dr Mike Goodland and Jim McLean, Kingston

"Experiences of a Business Process Re-engineering
Simulation Exercise"
John C Baker, Cranfield School of Management

Stream 5: Aspects of BPR

"Mixed Messages: Radical Business Process
Reengineering in Insurance and Banking"
Wendy Currie and Leslie Willcocks, Templeton

"From Business Reengineering to Dynamic Core
Prof. Dr. Margit Osterloh and Jetta Frost,
University of Zurich

"An Ethical Agenda for Business Process
Simon Rogerson, De Montfort University

"The Use of Staged Events to Mobilise Change: As
Seen from the Participants' Viewpoint"
Mick Cope, Henley Management College

Stream 6: Applying Measures to BPR

"The Profitability of Balanced Change: an
Empirical Study on Business Reengineering in the
Wim Bouman, Ard Huizing, Esther Koster,
University of Amsterdam

"Performance Measurement and Business Process
Chris Morgan, Nene College

"Business Processes Metrics of Effectiveness"
Gary Tjaden, Georgia Tech Research Institute,
Sridhar Narasimhan and Sabyasachi Mitra, Georgia
Institute of Technology

"Operational and Strategic Measurement of
Business Processes"
Anu Bask and Markku Tinnil, Helsinki School of

Stream 7: Approaches to Implementation

"Combining Methodologies for Core Process
Dave Randall, Manchester Metropolitan University,
Mark Rouncefield, John Hughes, University of
Lancaster, Raul Espejo, Antonia Gill, SYNCHO Ltd

"A Field-Proven Methodology for BPR"
Prof. dr. ir. R van Landeghem, University of
Ghent and L. Pyis, CEO AREOPA Consult NV

"Reengineering Business Process Reengineering"
Professor Raghu Nath and Ranjit Tinaikar,
University of Pittsburgh

Stream 8: The Risk of Change

"Reengineering vs Kaizen: Complimentary or
Competitive Approaches"
Professor Derek Channon, Imperial College

"Managing Risks in Reengineering Initiatives:
Developing Conceptual Clarity"
Ashley Braganza and Gurpreet Dhillon, Cranfield
School of Management

"BPR and Risk: A Comprehensive Framework for
Analysing Strategic Risk"
Susan Balint, University of Paisley

Plenary Summary

All accepted papers will be available, in full,
to participants of the conference. Following the
workshop, authors of selected papers will be
invited to revise these for publication in either
an edited research book or a special edition of a
leading journal. We have approached the latter
with a proposal and expect to receive a
favourable decision shortly.


If you wish to attend the conference as a
delegate please contact:

Jane Clarke
Client Service Administrator
Client Service Department
Cranfield School of Management
Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AL, UK
Tel: 01234 751122
Fax: 01234 750835
Email: J.M.Clarke@Cranfield.ac.uk


This conference will be held over two days, 21
and 22 February 1996, at Cranfield School of
Management, Cranfield University. The fees,
which do little more than cover costs, will be
Pnds Stg 220. This includes conference
lunches, dinner, tea and coffee, and all
conference material. Local overnight
accommodation can be arranged on request. The
cost of bed and breakfast accommodation for one
night (21 February 1996) is at a specially
negotiated discounted rate of Pnds Stg 47
plus VAT. Accommodation for nights other than
21 Feb will be will be at a higher rate.