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This was posted on the BPR-L last week. Apologies if you belong to
both lists!

Many of you will recall the non profit making work of the BPRSG
through discussion mid 1995. I am pleased to share with you the
following press release from earlier this week which will help give
the BPRSG an even greater influence on behalf of its members.

If you want more info' please email me, or voice call if you prefer.

==== PRESS RELEASE =========================== PRESS RELEASE =====
For Release 10 a.m. March 4th 1996
UtiliSense Acquires The Business Process
Re-engineering Study Group (BPRSG).
Critically Acclaimed business improvement club to gain boost
from purchase by respected UK based consultancy

Warwick, England. - March 4th, 1996 - UtiliSense today announced the
acquisition of The Business Process Re-engineering Study Group
(BPRSG) the 350 member strong business club established in 1992, from
Hanson Associates Limited. The BPRSG was a pioneer in establishing an
understanding of the application of radical change management methods
and techniques, with an active corporate membership from many leading
companies. Well known for its seminars and close links to other
business groups the BPRSG has helped to gain wider acceptance of the
use of radical techniques to improve business performance. The BPRSG
will become a key component of UtiliSense’s strategy to provide a
full range of tools and services across the arena of change

Independent advice and support
"Many organisations want an easy and accessible way to understand and
share ideas around business improvement in a very fast moving
environment," said John Corr, chairman of UtiliSense. "The BPRSG has
grown into a practical solution to this problem, without being tied
to specific suppliers, in a period of very rapid change."
"Access to UtiliSense’s resources and partnerships will allow us to
realise our vision of business services on a broader scale," said
Steve Towers, BPRSG chairman and original co-founder. "The BPRSG will
now be able to expand rapidly into truly value added services for our
membership. We will be able to enhance our delivery whilst retaining
total autonomy with the membership determining our direction, free
from the influence of big six consultants and suppliers."

Membership benefits
"Despite limited funding the BPRSG has proven itself through the 90’s
by offering a range of facilities to its membership including regular
meetings and events," said John Corr. "I was lucky enough to have
been invited to last years Third annual conference in Edinburgh,
which featured top notch speakers from the TSB, Citibank
International, the Colt Group, Lothian Regional Council and the Post
Office. It was really focused on UK and European issues relating to
change, not just the usual evangelical sentiments." John went on to
add "After several months internal discussion within UtiliSense we
agreed that a group like this needs comprehensive support and funding
if it is to succeed into the next millennium.- that’s where we come
in! We will be utilising the existing office services and contact
points, with Steve Towers staying on as chairman through 1996.
Stephanie Lund-Clark who joined the BPRSG as administrator last year
will be the prime point of membership contact at our offices near
Warwick in Central England."

Services to be expanded
The UtiliSense vision includes the following points…
* Establish, maintain and connect a membership of interested
parties who share a common desire to understand radical
management techniques and methods

* Advance the understanding and application of radical business
change methods and technologies

* Raise business awareness of these methodologies and tools,
such as Business Re-engineering

* Provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of
information relevant to radical change

* Organise events and meetings for the benefit of members

* Publish newsletters, research and journals

* Communicate and co-ordinate with interested organisations and
individuals to further the aims of the Study Group

* Connect with, and help to network, companies and individuals
(both in the UK and globally), who share our commitment and
concerns for the development of business improvement methodologies.

On-line access and support
The BPRSG is going on the NET in `96, with its own server providing
membership services which will include full Internet access with
electronic mail facilities, and access to the World Wide Web. "It is
only by keeping up to-date with the latest ways of doing business
that we can hope to deliver a first class professional service for
our members," said John Corr. During Spring and Summer the group will
be looking at the growth of the internal Internet. "People are saying
that this is bigger than the PC itself. We will be taking a non
technical view of how this technology, being coined the INTRANET,
will help organisations improve their business performance into the
next millennium." Other themes are going to include Benchmarking,
Radical Quality Methods and Corporate Transformation.

The BPRSG , UtiliSense and IntraNet Solutions are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of UtiliSense Limited in the United Kingdom
and/or other countries.

For More Information, please contact:
Stephanie Lund-Clark, (0) 1926 833371.
If you are interested in participating within the BPRSG, please
contact either Stephanie or e-mail,
or call UtiliSense customer service at (0) 121 711 7099.

Steve Towers
Chairman of the Business Process Re-engineering Study Group (BPRSG)
Cambridge House
Newbold Street
Leamington Spa
Warwicks CV32 4HN
Tel: (0)1926 833371
Fax: (0)1926 882123