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Anyone wanting to see what kinds of scholarly journals are available
via the WWW should look at WWW Virtual Library listing, at

This listing is particularly interesting, as it specifies whether or
not the journal is peer-reviewed.

The Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters, and Academic
Discussion Lists is available at


To keep up with new e-journals, the NEWJOUR listserv maintains
archives at

This archive lists over 900 e-journals, newsletters, etc., not all of
which are scholarly in nature. The number grows daily.

Part of my sabbatical project involves making Internet resources of
various kinds more easily available to the York community, via the
library WWW server. You can see the beginnings of this at

A number of us in the library are collaborating in this effort. One
of the things I especially want to do is build a collection of e-journals
of interest to York scholars. Anyone wishing to suggest additions to this
list can email me directly.

Walter W. Giesbrecht     
York University Libraries

INTERNET@WORK editor, INFORMATIONhighways Magazine
Curator of