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Topic #6  --------------  OP-SF NET  --------------  November 14, 1994
From: OP-SF Net Editor 
Subject: Death of H.L. Krall

Harry L. Krall, Professor Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University,
died on June 9, 1994. He was born on June 13, 1907. In the late
thirties Krall published results about orthogonal polynomials which are
eigenfunctions of a fourth order differential equation. Recently this
work has been taken up again and significant generalizations have been
given by a.o. A.M. Krall, L. Littlejohn and R. Koekoek. In 1949 Krall
published, jointly with O. Frink, a paper in Trans. AMS containing the
first systematic study of a class of polynomials to which they gave
the name of Bessel polynomials and which have remained familiar under
this name until now.  In the sixties, Krall published some papers on
orthogonal polynomials together with I.M. Sheffer. One of these
classified orthogonal polynomials in two variables being
eigenfunctions of a second order partial differential operator.

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