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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #2  ---------------  OP-SF NET  ---------------- November 9, 1995
From: Charles Dunkl 
Subject: Report on SIAM meeting, Charlotte

Report on Annual SIAM meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina, October 23-26

Items pertinent to the activity group OP/SF at the business meeting
of chairs of Activity Groups with the board of SIAM:
- WWW page: SIAM is setting up links to home pages created by the
activity groups.  Our group intends to start working on a home page
very soon (see Topic #1).
- 1996 annual meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, July - the theme has
been announced - it is "New Tools for Applied Mathematics".  This
might be a good fit with the topic of the "Handbook" project (see
OP-SF Net 2.4, Topic #10) if one considers it as a method of using
modern media, such as CD-ROM, to disseminate information about special
functions. Furthermore, our group is encouraged to submit suggestions
for plenary speakers (45-minute lecture) for the meeting.  Such
suggestions should be developed by December 15 (and can be sent to
Martin Muldoon ).

Observations at the minisymposium "Computational Aspects of Special
Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials" (see OP-SF Net 2.5, Topic #4
for the program):
-John Boyd (University of Michigan) talked about Hermite expansions,
the anharmonic oscillator, and perturbation theory.
- Walter Gautschi (Purdue U.) discussed an algorithm for generating
polynomials orthogonal with respect to a Sobolev norm. This theory has
significant differences from the ordinary one, for example, there is
no three-term recurrence.
- Dan Lozier (Nat'l Inst. of Standards and Technology) gave a survey
on software for special functions. He is working on a project to
provide accuracy checks for algorithms.  The idea would be for
researchers to send in a list of pairs (x, f(x)) where f is a special
function, and then the NIST computers check these values independently
and generate an error report for the researcher. Dan has set up a Web
site and asks that the special function community read over his
suggestions and send feedback. See Topic #12.

Direct link to testing service

- Nico Temme
(CWI, Amsterdam) talked about the problems of accurate computations of
probability distribution functions in regions of rapid increase, for
example, incomplete beta integrals with very large parameters.  Often
such computations require much more work than routine problems.
- The writer of this note presented joint work with Don Ramirez on
computation of surface measures of ellipsoids in N-space via
Lauricella F_D functions and an application to optimal designs in

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