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Topic #6     -------------   OP-SF NET 5.4   ------------   July 15, 1998
From: Vadim Zelenkov 
Subject: Report on VIIth International Scientific Krawtchouk Conference

The 7th International Krawtchouk Conference took place in Kiev, Ukraine,
from May 14 to May 16, 1998. Below are some titles of the reports related
to orthogonal polynomials, special functions and integral transforms.

M. Khomenko,  M. Krawtchouk's background

V. Zelenko,  Recent development of M. Krawtchouk's ideas: related

Yu. Bily,  M. Krawtchouk on international mathematical forums

M. Babyuk, Integral Hankel type transforms of the 1st kind and
spectral parameter in a boundary condition 

N.  Virchenko, About integral equations with generalized Bessel
type functions

V. Gaidei, New generalization of integral transform of the Bessel

V. Zelenkov, V. Savva, Orthogonal polynomials as a tool to solve
differential equations describing multilevel systems dynamics

V. Korolyuk,  Stochastic Krawtchouk polynomials

A. Mazurenko, V. Savva, Discrete variable polynomials: Analog of
the Christoffel formula and its application to solve some differential

Yu. Mamteev, V. Stukalina, T. Hoochraeva, Features of an algorithm for
calculating the modified function by recurrence relations

M. Mironenko, Pair adder equation in periodic contact problems

A. Mironov, On the integral equations for the Riemann function

G. Prizva,  Generalization of classical orthogonal polynomials of
discrete variable

E.  Seneta, Characterization of Markov chains by orthogonal polynomial

S. Tsurpal,  Interaction of simple single waves with a structure as
Chebyshev-Hermite functions of any index in the materials with

O. Manzyi, Decomposition of the ratio of Appell hypergeometric functions
F_3 into the ramified chain fraction

The 8th Conference is to be held in May 2000.

Vadim Zelenkov

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