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Case Studies for the 2006 Annual Meeting

of the Statistical Society of Canada


Case Study FAQs

Last modified 2006-03-09

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Please check this page regularly for updates, corrections, and answers to frequently-asked questions!

Regarding the audio-visual facilities available for the presentations

Q: How much presentation time does each team have?

A: Each team should have 15-20 minutes presentation time.


Q: What audio-visual equipment is available in the rooms of the conference?

A: All rooms have a computer, a data projector, and a overhead projector.


Q: If I want to use the data projector, what do I have to do: bring my laptop or simply bring my presentation on a CD-Rom or a memory stick?



Q: Will I have access to internet during my presentation if I bring my own computer?

A: It is unclear which rooms will have Internet connections. So, the short answer is NO.


Q: If my presentation is electronic, should I bring slides just in case?

A: As you all know, technology does not always work, and especially with 15-20 minute talks, you don't have much time to waste so I definitely recommend that you come prepared to give your talk with an overhead projector as well.


Q: I often participate in medical conferences and so my presentation is on 35mm slides.  Do you have the right equipment?

A: Sorry, No slide projectors.


Q: This is my first presentation, is there anything special that I should be aware of?

A: Talk will be loaded onto the computers half hour before the talk by student assistants.  PLEASE RESPECT YOUR ALLOTTED TIME.  We all know that 15 minutes for a talk, including an introduction and questions if time permit, is short, but it is important to stick to the schedule.  


Q: I am presenting a poster, how big will be the board?

A: The poster boards are about 4 X 7 feet.  There will be one poster on each side of the board.