Note: I will from now on (when I remember)  to date the items being listed.

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For those who cannot get into the website, use capital letters when  caps used in the  website address, and lower case  otherwise.  

  Announcements will be listed in order of posting. Various announcements will be posted during the term and the grading period.

Assignment 1:  Exercise 1.1 to 1.9   This should be submitted  by  tomorrow at class if you have not done that already.

Assignment 2:  2:11,  2:14,  2:17, 2:20,  2:23,  2:26,  2:29.

Assignment 3:  2:31,  2:33,  2:35,  2:38
I believe  all students should be able to see the assignmentson the web  from now on.  Let me know if this is not true.

Assignment  4:  2:41,  2:43,  2:45,  2:47,  2.49,
3.29, 3:38,  3.39,  3.43.

DATE: October 10:
*Many of you have done most of the listed problems.  Most of them can be done by reading the book up to this point.  Also, you can use the the text for the problems.  Because of the confusion over the internet address,  I will give you  until next Wednesday to answer all the above questions. 

After this, assignments will be roughly weekly, and you will normally get an assignment each week except test week.

Please note:  I will not be here on October 15, since I have been called to Jury Duty.  (That means that I will be voting  on a committee to decide whether some person should  be convicted  of a crime).  In principle, I might have to stay there for days, but it is not likely. 

Getting back to Math 1131, I am stating now that no homework  from the first  4 assignment's will be accepted after Wednesday,   October 19.  I was pushed around rather too much on this. I am not budging any more.
 Also, the last day to submit  Assignment  5 is October 24:  The questions for Assignment 5 will soon be listed below. 

They are all  related to Chapter 4. 
(11 Oct)
Recall that the  test is on October  26.
You will be responsible for all the material up to and including the entire day before the test. (25 Oct). I will not put anything too hard on that day. There will be several types of  questions:  multiple choice or true or false or verbal material.
Make sure that you read the general rules about  electronic devices,  cheating and so on.

Some rules for these will be stated on the exam pages, especially for True or False questions.

(19 Oct)  The class before the test will be used only for asking questions.  The days before that  will involve new material.  During test, the only papers allowed are the test papers themselves.  You must put valid i.d. on your table. No cell phones or communications or similar devices are allowed. Calculators are also allowed.