Welcome to York University and to Mathematics 1131AF_07.
  • Instructor: Professor George O'Brien, N618 Ross Bldg.
    Phone 416-736-2100 ext 66095
    email: obrien@yorku.ca
    website: http://www.math.yorku.ca/Who/Faculty/OBrien/menu.html

  • Lectures: MWF 1:30-2:30 in CLH K.

  • Office Hours: My normal Office Hours are M 11-12 and W 11-12. You may also be able to find me by chance or appointment.

  • Prerequisite: You should not take this course unless you have passed either an OAC course in mathematics or a grade 12 Mathematics course or both (or eqivalent).

  • Textbook: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, second edition, by Peck, Olson and Devore. (Available in the basement of York Bookstore.) Note that a new third edition is coming out, so make sure you get the third  edition. 

  • The course will cover roughly Chapters 1 to 10 of the textbook.

  • Grading: 5% for homework (HW) assignments, 35% for the midterm test, and 60% for the final exam. Written submissions must be written neatly in dark blue or black ink.

  • Homework: There will be about 8 HW assignments over the term, worth 5% in total. Students are encouraged to work together on HW, since the primary purpose of the assignments is to assist in the learning process rather than to compile grades. However, each student must write up her or his own solutions for each assignment. Xerox or similar copies are not acceptable. HW problems, mainly from the text, will be listed on a regular basis. Those who choose not to work out most HW solutions on their own will undoubtedly do badly on the test and exam. High HW marks do not help much if test and exam marks are low.

  • Term dates. (See also University website.) Classes start on September 5 (Sept 6 in this course). Fall term exams will be in the period December 5 to December 20. The test will be on Friday, 26 October. There are no classes on September 13, 14 or 22, or on October 8. The last day to enrol without having to get my permission is Sept 20. The last day to enrol with my permission is October 5. I do not normally give this permission after September 20, since you would have missed a lot of the course by then. If you want to enrol after September 20, you must give me a carefully written statement explaining why I should let you into the course. I will be quite restictive about this. The last day to drop the course without receiving a failing grade is November 9.

  • The test will be 50 minutes in length. The final exam will be held in the exam period in December and will be 3 hours long. The University makes the exam schedule, and I have no control over the date or time of the exam. The full exam schedule will be announced in November.
    Note 1: Do not book a flight to wherever until you know that your travel plans do not conflict with the time and date of your exam.
    Note 2: The course may be pretty full and space may not be available if you wait too long to enrol in the course.
    You will have your test graded and returned to you by November 9, the drop date.

  • If you do not take the class test for any reason, your grade for the test will be based on the exam grade. This means that 95% of your grade will be based on the final exam. If you do not take the final exam, you will have to take a make-up exam, most likely in February, 2008. That will be a pain for you and for me, so I hope you all can take the final exam.

  • Academic integrity: I take academic integrity (honesty) very seriously. No written material may be brought to the test or exam without special advance permission. Any communication with other students or outsiders during the test or the exam constitutes cheating and will result in serious penalties such as a zero on the test (without the right to drop the course). Cell phones and similar devices may not be brought to the test or exam. If such devices are detected during the exam, it will be assumed that they were used for cheating. Also, headgear which prevents invigilators from seeing students' eyes may not be worn without my permission. Similar penalties will be applied if test or exam answers are changed after being graded (without acknowledgement) or if a surrogate writes a test or exam on behalf of a student. If one student copies or helps another student, both students may be penalized.

  • Communications: I must be able to communicate well with members of the class. You can send me an email at the address obrien@yorku.ca. The subject line must give the course number (1131 3.0 AF), your family name and your first name, in that order. Also, you can come to my office hours (or just arrive at random times and take your chances). If you are asking a question which I have already answered in the course outline page or in the announcements page, I may not answer your question. I will answer questions of general interest on the website, and will answer personal questions (if I can) by email, but please do not swamp me with emails. You can also ask general questions in class. Moreover, soon after the term starts, there will be TA's available to assist students.

  • Homework(HW), the tests and the exam must be written clearly in black or dark blue ink. If you want to change your answer to a question, you can cross it off and write your changed answer. You will not be penalized for this. If you write on the back of a page, please put an arrow to indicate that you have written on the back of that page. Also, the test papers will be returned to you once they are marked. If you have any complaints about the marking (or the adding), you must inform me by a clearly written and understandable statement of the issue at hand. This must be done within one week of the day when the exams are returned to the class. I will then look over your complaint and adjust your grade if I think I should give you more marks. Your overall mark will not "normally" be decreased in this process. In the case of the exam, I keep the exam papers for one year, but you can read your own paper before I lock it up for the year, if you ask me about it within one week of the exam.