Welcome to York University and to Math 1131MW_08.
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AS/SC/AK Math 1131 3.0 MW_08 Winter 2008 Course Outline

  • Instructor: Professor George O'Brien, N618 Ross Bldg. Phone 416-736-2100 ext 66095 email obrien@yorku.ca website:http://.math.yorku.ca//www.math.yorku.ca/Who/Faculty/OBrien/menu.html

  • TR 1:00-2:30 in room CB 121

  • Office Hours: My normal office hours are Monday and Wednesday, 11-12 You can also meet me by chance or appointment.

  • Prerequisite: You should not take this course unless you have passed a Grade 12 or a OAC course (or equivalent, or both). There will be no sympathy if you run into trouble because you did not heed this advice. Textbook: Introdution to Statistics and Data Analysis, by Peck Olson, and Devore. The book is available in the York Bookstore (basement). A new edition will coming out so be careful about which edition you get. This will be clear later.

  • Textbook: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, by Peck, Olson and Devore. (This book will be available in the York Bookstore, in the basement A new edition is coming out, so make sure you get the right edition. This will be clearer later.

  • The course will cover roughly Chapters 1 to 10 of the textbook. Note that a new edition will coming out, so make sure you get the right edition. That will be clear later.

  • The course will cover roughly Chapters 1 to 10 of the textbook.

  • Grading: 5% for homework (HW), 35% for the class test, and 60% for the final exam. All written submissions in the course (such as tests, homework or the exam must be written in dark blue or black ink.

  • Homework:
    There will be about 8 HW assignments over the term, worth 5% in total.Students are encouraged to work together on HW, since the primary purpose of the assignments is to assist in the learning process rather than to compile grades. However, each student must write up his or her own solutions for each assignment. Xerox or similar copies are not acceptable. HW problems, mainly from the text will be listed on a regular basis. Those who choose not to work out most HW problems will on their own will undoubtedly do badly on the test and the exam. High HW marks do not help much if exam and test marks are low.

  • Term dates. (See also the university website.) Classes start on September 5. Fall term exams will be in the period December 5 to December 20. The test will be on 26 (?). There are no classes on February 11-15 or March 21. The last day to enroll without having to get my permission is January 17. The last day to enroll with my permission is January 25. I do not usually give my permission after January 17. If you want to get such permission after January 17, you must give me a carefully written statement explaining why I should let you into the course.

  • Winter classes start on January 3. No classes will be held from January 11-15. Winter exams run from April 7 to April 29.