Math 1300CF Fall 2005

Homework 1, due on September 21

By way of a preamble to this list of homework (=assignment) problems, I have to remark that the only way to develop skills in mathematics is to do lots of problems. In this section many problems have short quick answers, so I have felt free to list quite a few problems. In future, there will be fewer assigned problems, but they will be harder to solve.
Note that solutions are given in the back of the book. Just looking up the answers will not help you get good marks. What you have to do is understand the arguments that lead to the answers. Then you will do better on the tests and the exam. If you are really keen, you could of course work on problems other than the assigned ones.

Answer the following questions:

Section 1.2
2, 3, 4a,c,e,
5 b, d, h, j, 6, 7, 8b, e, f, 10,

Section 1.3 1, 2, 3b, c, 4c, 6a,c.