Math 3131 announcements:

Some students have emailed me and I have talked to some others, about grades in 3131. The result is that I do not know exactly who still has questions. Please let me know if you still have issues about grades in the course. I think most issues have been settled but I want to be sure. In any case, I wish you all a successful future. --G. O'Brien.

This is directed to those students who asked for higher grades on some exam questions. I had asked most if not all students to indicate what questions were involved. Apparently, some students did not understand that they would have to also state in writing not only the number of the question but also what your specific concerns were for each question. I was barely able to assign grades is a fair way when quite a few students were demanding higher grades on various questions, The effect of this would be totally unfair to those students who did not badger me. So I will stick mainly with my original exam grades comply with this request. There may be more comments later. Bye for now.
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Announcements for Math 3131AF_06

If you want to see your exam paper or calculations about your grades, you are invited to come to my office during next Wednesday (10 January 2007) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you have some of your homework or test papers and are worried about your grades on those, please bring them with you. It is not too late for me to make grade changes, if they are warranted. I will limit the number of students in my office to a maximum of 3 at any one time. Barring special cases, my deadline setting final grades is January 15.

I expect to post final grades on Friday, or if possible on Thursday. I will not answer emails until I have posted them. I will not make any corrections until after I have posted the grades, so please give me a chance to get my work done. If I have made any errors they can be corrected later; the important thing is to get the bulk of the grades in. Corrections can be made in the following week if necessary. I will keep time open on monday for students to read over their exam and ask about possible errors. Hi all,
I have graded the Math 3131 exams (see below), but I have not sorted out the overall letter grades yet. All grades are unofficial for now.
It will take a little while to get your grades. There were 29 exams. Two students missed a class test for medical reasons, so I will have to sort out how to assign a grade for these two in a fair manner. Two other students are not on my official class list. I will also have to deal with that. Of the remaining 25, 1 student got a grade in the range 90-100, 3 got 80-89, 4 got 70-79, 6 got 60-69, 3 got 50-59, 4 got 40-49, 1 got 30-39, and 3 got 20-39.

The (unofficial) EXAM grades, sorted by last 3 digits of student numbers, are:
170 61(%) (170 is end of student number, and 61 is exam score out of 100.)
391 57
371 83
751 43

872 80
*22 48
962 54
512 64

704 90
194 44
754 73
*25 47
505 29
715 63
185 28

766 89
826 63
996 33

427 51
547 60
157 20
398 75
498 70
658 60
359 77

I will be entering letter grades soon. Please do not bombard me with emails. I will be as quick as I can in getting the letter grades out. They are likely a bit above the percentage grades, since homework grades are high in general. (6 September) Announcements (except for this one) will be listed with the most recent announcement first. I usually include the dates of announcements.

I expect to be in office on Monday and Tuesday for quite a few hours each, so you can ask questions about the course or the exam.

  • Students can get back graded homework, tests and assignments between 4 and 6 pm today. I expect to be here much of tomorrow, December 19.

    Stuff below this is mostly obsolete, so can be ignored. I will draw attention to new announcements.

  • (8 December, 2006) I plan to have review sessions on Monday December 11 at 2:30-4:30, and on Wednesday December 13 at 1:30-3:30. They will be in N501.

  • Here is a list of the material covered by the exam. The material not covered by the tests will get a little extra weight on the exam, compared to other parts. If you thing this list is wrong, please ask me in class about it.

  • All of Section 4.4
    All of Section 5.1 and 5.2
    All of 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6
    Section 5.8 to end of Example 5.8.3.
    6.1 to bottom of page 315. (There will be one example chosen from pages 314-315 on the exam.)