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Make-up Exams

Exam date: Thursday September 18, 6-9 PM. SLH F

If people did not do an exam, they can opt to write a make-up exam. There will be only one such exam, so all people interested in doing so must write at the above time. Note that the University's deadline is September 19, so this is as late as I can make it. If you have already received a mark in the course (ie your 'cushion' grade), and writing the exam improves it, then I will go back and change your grade.

If you plan to write the exam, please send me an e-mail saying so.

The material for the makeup will be the same as that for the exam I actually held. You can consult the rest of the webpage for information about what that material was. Note also that I expect anyone writing the exam to be ready BEFORE the start of classes. Given the number of things going on at the beginning of term, there is no chance of being ready if you aren't already ready by then. If you aren't ready by the time I give the makeup, then you will simply have to live with the cushion grade.

If you have not yet received a mark in the course, then I will be reporting a mark for you as of September 19, whether you write the makeup exam or not (this applies to only a few people).