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The final exam has been rescheduled 19.00-22.00, on Thursday, April 18.

The solution of HW#4 and the solution of the second midterm are both available in the copy center.

An addendum for the solution of Part (a), Problem 1, HW#4 is available at my office.

Find the SAS codes for Question 2, part (6) and part (7).

HW5 is now available here for you to download.

Problem Session is held weekly on Mondy afternoon, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, at Gauss Lab (S110 Ross), starting January 21. Your tutor is Alina Rivilis.

Location: Mon 7-10pm CLH-J

This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

Date Material covered HW,Exams,Due dates,etc.
Mon, Jan 07 Introduction to SAS, AA's Ch 1 Study SAS that is the statistical sofware extensively used in this course.

You have to make sure that you have an account of the Gauss Lab (located at S110 Ross). If not, create a computer account via MAYA immediately. Have a visit to the lab and play around the SAS (e.g. open and close SAS windows) this week.

Read the course outline
Mon, Jan 14 AA's Ch 1 and Ch 2 Homework 1

Mon, Jan 21 Ch 2: Contingence Tables HW 1 Due; Homework 2
Mon, Jan 28 Ch 2 and Ch 3 Return HW 1
Mon, Feb 04 Ch 3: Contingence Tables HW 2 Due; Homework 3

Please pick up your HW 2 at my office N621B Ross on Friday, Feb 15

Mon, Feb 18

Term test 1

Covering AA's Chapters 1 and 2, and Homeworks 1 and 2, and SAS.
Mon, Feb 25 Ch 4 and 5: Logistic Regression
Mon, Mar 04 Ch 4 and 5: Logistic Regression HW 3 Due; Homework 4; crab.dat
Mon, Mar 11 Ch 4 and 6: Loglinear Models HW 4 Due on March 21; Homework 5
Mon, Mar 18

Term test 2

Covering sections 2.3 to 3.2, and Homeworks 2 and 3.
Mon, Mar 25 Ch 9: Loglinear Modelss
Mon, Apr 01 Ch 9, Loglinear models, Overall review/Teaching evaluation HW 5 Due on Friday, Apr 05 and

please pick up your HW 5 at my office N621B Ross on Monday, Apr 15

Thur, Apr 18,7-10pm


Covering CH1-6, handouts (SAS), HW1-5 and two tests

Bring your ID, a hand-calculator and three hand-written formula sheets with you!