Information on IMSL

IMSL is a package of programs in both Fortran and C which provides routines which implement a large number of standard numerical methods. It is available on Gauss, Herzberg and Phoenix.

To use IMSL on Gauss type the command:

source /usr/local/IMSLPT/ipt/bin/iptsetup.csh

On Herzberg you have to type:

source /usr/local/vni/CTT1.1/ctt/bin/cttsetup.csh

Phoenix does not require this command.

You can set this command up as a alias to make it easier to remember. I have I have also tried to place this command in my login file but found it interfered with other window interfaces, particularly XMaple. You only have to type this command once at the beginning of each session when you want to use IMSL in any form.

If you have a Xterminal interface, you can now type:


to get an interactive information interface where you can learn about IMSL and get the details of specific routines. On Herzberg the command is:

Refer to the examples to see how the various routines are used.

Alternately you can download the IMSL manuals as pdf files from the website

To compile a Fortran program file.f (where 'file' can be any file name) containing IMSL routines use the command:

$FC -o file $FFLAGS file.f $LINK_FNL

and to execute the program just type file (whatever name you are using). (On Herzberg only the Fortran 90 compiler is available. Standard Fortran 77 programs should run with no problem. Use the command
$F90 -o file $F90FLAGS file.f $LINK_F90

Also to execute the program, type ./file).

To compile a C program file.c containing IMSL routines use the command:

$CC -o file $CFLAGS file.c $LINK_CNL

and to execute the program type file (whatever name you are using). (On Herzberg, type ./file).

Make sure you distinguish between upper and lower case in the above commands and insert the indicated spacing.

Here are copies of the IMSL manuals. Click on the links and it should open the file directly if you are in the Gauss lab. Otherwise download the file then read it using the command

acroread whateverfilename.pdf

  • Fortran manual - vol. 1
  • Fortran manual - vol. 2
  • C manual