Applied Linear Algebra

Course Information

Lecturer: A. D. Stauffer

office: 223 Petrie

phone: x77742



Lectures: MWF 1:30 Curtis Lecture Hall A

Tutorials: Tutorial sessions will be scheduled. Students are encouraged to attend one of these sessions each week.

Students can also get help in the course by visiting the Math Lab located in S525 Ross on a drop-in basis.

Office Hours: MWF 12:00 - 1:00 or by appointment

Text: Elementary Linear Algebra - Applications Version, eighth edition

Howard Anton and Chris Rorres

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Course Prerequisites: OAC Algebra and Geometry

Drop date: The last day to withdraw from this course without receiving a grade is Friday, Nov. 10.

Course content: We will be covering material from each of the chapters in the text. In addition, polar co-ordinates in 3D will be included at the beginning of the course.

Grading scheme: The marks in this course will be apportioned as follows:

Term test 1 - Wednesday, Oct. 4 10%

Term test 2 - Monday, Oct. 30 20%

Term test 3 - Monday, Nov. 20 20%

Final examination 50%

Please let me know if these dates will cause problems for you.

Makeup tests will not be given. If you miss a test for a valid reason, your mark will be calculated on the remaining work in the course.

In addition there will be weekly tutorial assignments which will not be marked.

Tutorials: The weekly tutorial sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for students to practice the material covered in the previous week and to get assistance for material they do not fully understand. These are small group sessions where the students should feel free to ask questions of the tutorial leader. The weekly assignments will be given out in class in advance of the tutorials and students should attempt to answer the questions before coming to the tutorial session. Specific difficulties with the questions should be raised with the tutorial leader.

Although the weekly assignments will not be marked it is extremely important that students complete these assignments before the tutorial sessions. The questions on the assignments will reflect the material covered in class in the preceding week. Completing the assignment will help in understanding this material and will indicate any areas where students may not fully understand the material. If this is the case students should seek help in the next tutorial session. Since mathematics is a subject where mastery of previous material is essential in order to understand the current topics, successful students must keep up to date in the course and seek help for points they do not understand as soon as possible.

In addition, the problems on the weekly assignments will be typical of the problems on the term tests and final examination and thus are an important part of preparing for these tests. Answers to these problems will be posted on the board near the Applied Mathematics office, 122 Petrie and on my website.