AS/SC/MATH1025 3.0 AF Applied Linear Algebra


Lectures continued during the strike and students were given a detailed summary of what was covererd with references to appropriate sections of the text (see the link 'Information for students during the strike' below). Thus there will be no formal lectures in the remediation period. However, I will hold tutorial sessions during some of the regular class periods to answer questions on the course material and review for the tests and exams. The schedule of tests and tutorial sessions is given below. Note that students who wrote the original tests cannot change their grades by writing the makeup tests.

The tutorial sessions scheduled as part of this course will not be held during the remediation period. My office hours will continue on MWF from 12:00 - 1:00.

Term test 2 has been marked and is available in my office. The solutions are on this website (see below).

Remediation schedule