MATH2270M 3.0


Differential Equations


Course Information




Lecturer: A. D. Stauffer

223 Petrie Science

Phone: x77742




Lectures: MWF 10:30 - 11:30 Curtis Lecture Hall C




Mon.. 14:30 N142 Ross

Thurs. 13:30 S169 Ross

(starting in the second week of term)

The tutorials in the week of March 5 will be held in the Jupiter Lab (226 Petrie). These will be an introduction to the use of MAPLE in solving differential equations. Make sure you have an ACADLAB computer account before the tutorial.



Office Hours: MWF 12:00 - 13:00 or by appointment




Differential Equations: Graphics-Models-Data

D Lomen & D Lovelock

John Wiley & Sons



Course website: Course information will be posted on the website



Required Background:

1) MATH2010/MATH2015/MATH2310

2) MATH1025/MATH2021/MATH2221




Course Outline: This course is an introduction to ordinary differential equations, including the formation of mathematical models for real phenomena. Topics will include: first- and second-order equations, initial value problems, systems of d ifferential equations and solution in series.


The assignments will include computer exercises using MAPLE. No prior experience with this language is required. Students should ensure they have accounts on ACADLAB (use MAYA to obtain a password). Late assignments will receive no marks.


Marking Scheme:

Assignments 15%

Term tests (two) 40%

Final exam 45%



Term tests: The term tests will be held on Wednesday, March 28 and Wednesday, April 25. Please let me know if these dates will cause problems for you.



Makeup tests will not be given. If you miss a test for a valid reason, your mark will be calculated on the remaining work in the course.



Drop date: The last day to withdraw without a receiving a grade is Thursday, April 12.



Please note that the assignments must be entirely your own work. Any collaboration or copying will be treated as a case of academic dishonesty and pursued according to faculty regulations.