MATH3242 3.0/COSC3122 3.0


Numerical Methods II

Course Information

Lecturer: A. D. Stauffer

223 Petrie Science

Phone: x77742


Lectures: MWF 10:30 - 11:30 203 Founder College

Office Hours: MWF 12:00 - 13:00 or by appointment

Texts: Burden and Faires, Numerical Analysis, seventh edition

Course website: Course information will be posted on the website

Required Background:

1) MATH3241/COSC3121

2) MATH2270

3) Programming background: MAPLE plus C or Fortran.

Course Outline: The course will consist of numerical methods for:

Numerical differentiation and integration (Chapter 4)

Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations

- initial value problems (Chapter 5)

- boundary value problems (Chapter 11)

Solutions of nonlinear systems of equations (Chapter 10)

The assignments will be a combination of analytical exercises illustrating the numerical methods derived in this course and computing assignments applying these methods to sample problems. We will make use of various routines provided with the text as well as some from the IMSL library (see section 1.4 of the text for a general description).

Please note that the assignments must be entirely your own work. Any collaboration or copying will be treated as a case of academic dishonesty and pursued according to faculty regulations.

Marking Scheme:

Assignments 20%

Term tests (two) 30%

Final exam 50%

The term tests will be held on Monday, Feb. 9 and Wednesday, March 17. Please let me know if these dates will cause problems for you.

Drop dates: The last date to withdraw from this course without receiving a grade is Friday, March 5.

Policy on missed tests, assignments: Makeup tests will not be given in this course. If you miss a test for a valid reason, your mark will be calculated on the remaining work in the course. Late assignments will not be marked but will not be counted if you have a valid excuse.

Computer accounts: You will need an account such as ACADLABS to use MAPLE. In order to use IMSL you will have to have a computer account on one of the following machines: Phoenix, Gauss, Herzberg. Please make sure you have such an account as soon as possible.