A ``model'' proof
and a correction

Here is a model write-up of a proof that a given sentence is a theorem, giving each step along with detailed reasons for that step. You should aim to copy this style in your assignments.

Here we prove that tex2html_wrap_inline48.

Since we know tex2html_wrap_inline52, then tex2html_wrap_inline54 by transitivity once, and so by equanimity we have that tex2html_wrap_inline48. QED.

You can always write ``A is a theorem'' instead of tex2html_wrap_inline60 if you wish.

A correction

This should be on a different page, but running latex2html is not that easy, so I thought it best to put it here...

Remember that I had a problem with proving one step of Theorem 3.32 - here it is corrected.


Stephanie van Willigenburg