Course Outline

Course: 2090.03 N.
Lectures: MWF 8.30am-9.30 am, CLH C.
Instructor: Stephanie van Willigenburg.
Email: steph@mathstat.yorku.ca (please don't use unless necessary, thank you).
Office hours: MW 10.30am-12 pm, Ross S621.
Tutorials: TTh 11.30am-12.20pm, Ross N501 (Michael Hrusak).

Course Text: "A logical approach to discrete math" by David Gries, and Fred B. Schneider, Springer Verlag, 3rd, 4th or 5th printing.

Syllabus: The course will cover chapters 3,4,8,9 of the course text, however, the lectures will cover a lot more than this too.

Evaluation: There will be 5 assignments, 2 class tests, and 1 final exam. Failure to complete any of these requires a medical certificate, and for me to be contacted within 48 hrs of the deadline by either you/a friend/relative. Any other reasons come and see me.

Marking Scheme:

Note, invariably term marks are higher than Exam marks so try your best on those tests.

Undergraduate grades (i.e., marks) at York are always letters (A+, A, ..., F). In this course, the letter grade will correspond to a numerical grade roughly according to the following formulas:

90-100: A+   80-89: A   75-79: B+   70-74: B    65-69: C+
60-64:  C    55-59: D+  50-54: D    below 50: E or F (both fails)
The homework assignments will be worth 15%. The remaining 85% is calculated as follows:
Let T be the average of the test grades and F the grade on the final exam. The remaining points are calculated with the formula, max{.20 T + .65 F, .20 F + .65 T}.


Suggested background reading for the course is Chapters 1 and 2 of the course text.

If you have a problem with the course, please come and see ME first. If you are still not happy, go to the course co-ordinator, Richard Ganong. After this the next in line is the Undergraduate Director Mort Abramson, and only if he cannot help you are you allowed to approach the Chair, Alan Dow.

Courses in Computer Science, in which formal logic gets used

There is a proof checker on the host called ariel that you can practice proofs on. 
Stephanie van Willigenburg