Connecting points with smooth curves

A typical problem which arises in designing an object is that of connecting a sequence of points by a smooth curve. For example, in designing a car body engineers may have determined several points on the body and the designer must connect them with an esthetically pleasing curve. Computer graphics and type face design offer similar challenges. A spline is the mathematical term for a curve which passes through a sequence of given points tex2html_wrap_inline26 and which has some prescribed nice property between neighbouring points tex2html_wrap_inline28 and tex2html_wrap_inline30. One of the simplest such proeprties is that of being quadratic; so a quadratic spline for a sequence of points tex2html_wrap_inline26 is a function f which has different definitions on each of the intervals tex2html_wrap_inline36 such that on each of these intervals the function is quadratic. It is also required that at each of the points tex2html_wrap_inline28 the transition from one definition to the other is smooth -- namely the tangents from both the left and right have the same slope.

Write a procedure -- TwoPointSpline -- which, when given the inputs (m, P1, P2), will find a quadratic function passing through the two points P1 and P2 and having slope m at the first point P1. Using this procedure find a quadratic spline through the points (1,1), (2,2), (4, 5/2), (5,0) and having slope -2 at the point (1,1). Using the knowledge you have gained in this exercise, write a procedure that will find a quadratic spline through any given sequence (list) of points with a given slope at the first point. Test your procedure on the sequence which can be viewed by clicking here and then downloaded using Netscape's "save" command.

So far, only splines of points forming a function have been discussed, However, it is also possible to create more general curves with splines. Consider the quadratic parametric curve tex2html_wrap_inline22 defined by: tex2html_wrap_inline24. Given two points, p1 and p2 in the plane as well as two slopes m1 and m2 and an interval [u.v], define a general procedure which will define a curve tex2html_wrap_inline36 such that

How can the last two conditions be interpreted geometrically? Give an example of points p1 and p2 in the plane as well as two slopes m1 and m2 for which it is not possible to define a quadratic function which passes through p1 and p2 and has slope m1 at p1 and m2 at p2. Using ideas similar to those of the first part, create general procedure which connect points in the plane with quadratic curves with prescribed slopes at the given points. Use this procedure to create a quadratic spline which writes your initials. You will have to use the plot command in the form plot([g1(t),g2(t),t=a..b]) where g1 and g2 are the coordinates of the parametrized quadratic curve and [a,b] is its domain.


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