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The Marking Scheme

The marking scheme is three tests worth 20% each and a final examination worth 40%. The tests will be on October 22, January 9, and February 25. The final examination will be held in the examination period April 8-24. All tests will be held in the usual classroom. The last day to enroll in October 25 and the last day to drop the course is February 14.


There will be three tests. Each test will be 70 minutes in length. The tests may cover material discussed in class, or assigned as reading, up to the date of the test. Any missed tests will be calculated as a 0 grade unless strong written evidence (e.g. a medical note) that you could not write the test is presented to me as soon as possible. If you miss a test for any reason, please give me a note of explanation anyway.

More on grading

The numerical grades received on each test do not correspond in any predictable way to letter grades. For example, 78% is not necessarily a B plus. As soon as each test is marked (this normally takes 7 to 10 days), I'll announce in class the numerical score on that test that corresponds to a C+. However, the numerical scores will not be adjusted until after the final exam is graded.