MATH 1550 (6.0B)   Mathematics with Management Applications,   2007/2008

Time:        T/R  2:30--4:00pm
Location:   Curtis Lecture Halls B

INSTRUCTOR:     Yun Gao,
Office:                   Ross S624,
Telephone:             736-2100 ext. 33952
Web page:  

OFFICE HOURS:    Tuesdays and Thursdays:  1:00--2:30pm  or  by appointment.

MATH LAB:   Assistance with mathematical questions on the course or the homework is available
                       at the ``Mathematics Tutorial  Laboratory'',  Room S525 Ross (phone: 88862)
                       weekdays:  10:30--15:30.


E. F. Haeussler, R. S. Paul, R. Wood,
Introductory Mathematical Analysis
11th edition, published by  Pearson Prentice Hall 2005


One theme of the course is optimization — how to maximize or minimize a function subject to certain constraints.
Most of the course is a discussion of calculus and its applications; matrix theory and its applications are also
discussed. The emphasis will be on techniques and on applications to business and management problems.

Prerequisite:  AS/SC/MATH 1515 3.0 (may also be taken as a first-term Corequisite) or OAC Calculus
                      or 12U Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus or equivalent.

SYLLABUS:   We will study the following sections:
                      Chapter 3:    lines, parabolas, and systems                        Sections 1--6
                      Chapter 4:    exponential and logarithmic functions         Sections 1--4
                      Chapter 5:    mathematics of finance                                 Sections 1--4
                      Chapter 6:    matrix algebra                                                Sections 1--7
                      Chapter 7:    linear programming                                       Sections 1--3
                      Chapter 10:  limits and continuity                                      Sections  1--5
                      Chapter 11:  differentiation                                                 Sections  1--6
                      Chapter 12:   additional differentiation topics                   Sections  1--5, 7
                      Chapter 13:   curve sketching                                              Sections  1--6
                      Chapter 14:   integration                                                      Sections  1--8, 10--12
                      Chapter 15:   methods and applications of integration       Sections   1, 7
                      Chapter 17:   multivariable calculus                                   Sections   1--8

HOMEWORK: (Solutions 1, 2, 3,   4 )   You are expected to do  all of the assigned homework.
Universal  Math Theorem:
The grade you receive will be proportional to the amount  of time you spend doing problems.

EXAMS:    There will be four midterm tests and the final exam.

    Tests:      Thursday, October 4;  Tuesdays,  November 13,  January 22,  March 4.
    Marks:    Each of the three tests (Oct.4, Jan.22, Mar. 4 ) 15%;  the test ( Nov.13) 20%;   Final exam 35%.

MISSED EXAMS:  There will be no make-up exams for missed tests. Upon presentation of
documentation of  a valid excuse, the corresponding percentage of the final mark will be added
to the final exam. With no presentation of such documentation a grade of zero will be entered
for the missed tests.


                                   Drop deadline:   February  1,  2008.

           York Undergraduate Math Program