Lecturer: ¯ Dr Kunquan Lan
 Office: S514 Ross Building   ¯ Mailbox: N520 Ross Building
 Telephone: 416 736-2100  ext. 33956 e-mail:
 Web page:
Office Hours:  MWF 10:30-11:30 AM in S514 Ross Building.
 The lecturer is available at these times for individual assistance
 and consultation. (Available at other times by appointment.)
Lectures:  MWF 9:30 - 10:20 AM, in Stone College 303.
Prerequisite:  AS/SC/MATH 1013 3.0 Applied Calculus I. This is essential.
 If you failed MATH 1013 then you should retake it next term and
 take MATH 1014 in the Winter.
Tutorials:  Tutors for all calculus courses are available at the ``Math Lab'' in S525 Ross Building.

 Times and locations will be announced in class.
Text:  Calculus (8th Edition) by D. Varberg and E.J. Purcell,
 Prentice Hall Publishers. This book also has a
 Student Solutions Manual, which is recommended (but not required).
 These items are available on two-hour reserve at Steacie Library.
Grading:   Four term tests, 15% each ¯ = 60%
  Final exam  = 40%
 Tentative dates for tests: June 13, July 4, July 25, and
 August 15.
Books on  Some references are available on two-hour loan in Steacie
Reserve:  Science Library:
  ``Calculus with Analytic Geometry'' by Varberg and Purcell
 (text and solutions manuals)
  ``Calculus and Analytic Geometry'' by Thomas and Finney
  ``Schaum's Calculus'' by Ayres and Mendelson (3000 worked problems)
  ``Calculus'' by D. Hughes-Hallett et al. (concept-oriented)

 There are also lots of unreserved books on the library shelves,
 having call numbers beginning with QA 303.

Additional Important Information and Advice:

1. Each student should do at least two hours of independent study for every lecture hour. It is recommended that each student read the relevant sections of the text before each lecture.

2. Homework problems will be assigned for each topic, but they will not be graded.

3. There is a lot of new material in this course, so don't fall behind. Keep up with the homework. Attend the tutorials and make good use of the tutors. Consult the instructor or the Calculus Lab tutors for additional help.

4. Students majoring in Applied Mathematics should take the accompanying one-credit course MATH 1017 1.0W Applied Mathematics Module II.

5. Important Dates:

June 8: the last day to enrol without my permission.

June 12: the last day to enrol with my permission.

July 6: the last day to drop the course without receiving a grade.

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