MATH 1310.03 FALL 2000


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1. Each student should come to class every time.

There is a lot of new material in each class, so do not fall behind. Keep up with each lecture and the homework.

2. Make notes in class.

There will be additional material given in class. It will help you to understand the material in the book easily. Therefore, your notes will be helpful for you to study the book and to review for exams.

3. Study your notes and the related material in the book before doing your homework.

This will not only save your time but also make you get correct answers easily.

4. Write out your homework.

This will make you confident in writing your exams and get all the credits you should get. Remember that we shall give credits to each key step in the answers to quizzes and exams. If you do not write out these key steps, you will lose the corresponding credits. A good way to get all the credits is to write out your homework each time.

5. Look for help.

It is possible for every one to meet difficult questions in his study. There are at least two ways to get help. One is to go to the MathLab to ask tutors and the other is to consult the instructor. In addition, you can also discuss your difficult problems with your classmates.


Kunquan Lan
Mon Sep 11 13:18:02 EDT 2000