We shall post announcements here on a continual basis, in reverse chronological order.

Mar. 14 (From Stefan Mykytiuk)
Test 4 will take place on Tuesday, March 20 and will cover Sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 7.1.

Feb.26 (From Mihaela Iancu)
The students with written excuses for the date of February 12 will be able to write the make-up of the make-up test 3 at convenient hours throughout the day of Monday, March 19 - morning to night. They should send me an e-mail no later than Friday, March 16 in order to initiate arrangements for the hour at which to start writing the test. At the time when they come for the test, it is compulsory that they bring the written notes.
Those who will also miss the make-up of the make-up of test 3 will still receive a mark for this test from the final exam, as announced on December 21. They are not required to submit written notes for the date of February 12.
All students who still want to receive help on the material taught during the strike can come to the mathlab, where I will be working throughout the official winter term. The mathlab schedule is not stable, but they can check in the mathlab, where the schedule of the mathlab tutors is posted or they can send me an e-mail at times when they want to find out my working hours.

Feb.15 The solutions for test 3 are posted in the mathlab and by the door of N 511 Ross.
The marked papers of test 3 will be brought to students on the first day of classes for the winter term ( February 27). Those who miss the first class will be able to pick up their tests from N 629 Ross.

Feb.1 The marks of the make-up Test 2 are posted by the office door of Geanina Tudose (N 629 Ross).
For the already marked tests that were not picked up, inquire at N 629 Ross.

Jan. 24 (From Mihaela Iancu)
The make-up for test 3 will take place on Monday, February 12 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, in CLH I.

The room is booked until 9:00 PM, so students who arrive as late as 7:30 PM will still have enough time to write the test.
Some students who have a class conflict on February 12 going beyond 7:30 PM announced me and are writing the make-up for test 3 at an earlier time of this day. If there are other students having such a conflict in the schedule, I advise them to contact me in order to arrange writing their test at earlier hours on February 12.
Remember that I am to be found on Thursdays in the mathlab from 11:00 to 4:00 and on the remaining Tuesdays in the lecture room (CLH E, Jan.30 and Feb.6, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM ) for consultations on the material for the test.
I can also make myself available to you at additional times on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you need more help (send e-mail or call at ext.40617 to arrange a meeting).

Jan. 15 ( From Mihaela Iancu ) The mathlab hours of operation have been changed for the remediation period. You should expect changes in the hours of operation from one week to another.
Beginning with January 18 until the date for the make-up of test 3, you will find me working in the mathlab on Thursdays, from 11:00 to 4:00. Be aware that these are hours designated for helping all the courses assigned to the mathlab and therefore I will offer help on a first come-first served basis. In case that the mathlab does not have hours of operations on one of these Thursdays, I will still be there to offer you support with the remediation.
After the date of your make-up for the second test I shall use the remaining times when we have access to CLH E (that is theTuesdays of January 30 and February 6 from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening) for consultations.
Should you need more help, you can send me an e-mail or call me at ext.40617 and we can set up additional meetings for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The make-up of test 3 will take place towards the exam period of the remediation.

Jan. 11 (From Geanina Tudose)

The make-up for the 2nd TEST will be given TUESDAY JANUARY 23, from 6 p.m in CLH E,

the regular classroom. I will be in class to announce this next Tuesday, January 16 at 6 in CLH E. In order to assist you with questions related to the material from the 2nd test, I will be available next week Jan 15--19, every day from 11--1 in my office N629Ross. You should also check the older announcements on this webpage to recall what material is covered and all the info I have given prevoiusly regarding TEST #2.

Jan. 7 The material taught during the strike which concerns Test 3 will not be redone in class. The students will be given the possibility to receive help from the instructor Mihaela Iancu during mathlab and consultation hours.
Once the mathlab reopens, there will be 5 hours per week during which you will be able to receive support on the theoretical and the applied part of the material for test 3 ( i.e. 4.1.1 , 4.2---4.4 , 4.7 , 5.1---5.3.3 and for exercises check on the site at homeworks the ones from chapters 4 and 5).
As soon as the mathlab schedule is set, you will find here posted the precise scheduling of these 5 hours and of supplementary consultations.
You will first be offered a make-up for test 2 ( for inquieries contact Geanina Tudose ) and the make-up for test 3 will be requested to be held later than February 6.
For inquieries on the continuation of the remaining uncovered material on this course contact your future instructors, Stefan Mykytiuk and Jin Zhang.

Dec.21 A final decision on the mark for test 3 has been taken in consultation with the Course Director. It regards ONLY test 3, and it does not extend to your previous and neither to your future tests in this course.
Test 3 will be offered to be written once only by each student.
I will offer an alternative for improving the mark for test 3 to all the students, within the final exam. A number of exercises from the final exam, concerning only material for test 3, will be selected for comparison (for example you could be announced that exercises numbered 5,6,7,8 from the final exam will be considered for comparison).
If the performance on the selection that will be announced is better than the one from test 3, the mark for test 3 will be replaced with the latter (for example X has gotten 40% in test 3 and 85% on the exercises 5,6,7,8 in the final exam. X will have considered 85% for test 3).
If a student misses the writting of test 3 as an individual examination, a mark will be given for test 3 from the evaluation of the performance on the announced exercises from the final exam (if Y did not write at any time test 3 and obtained in the final exam 80% on the announced exercises, then Y will have considered 80% for test 3).
A couple of days prior to the final exam, I will announce on this site the numbering of the exercises that will be selected from the final exam for the alternative evaluation of the mark for test 3.
Finally, let me wish you happy holidays and good luck in the year to come.

Dec.12 Here are the number of points accumulated by the students who have written test number 3.
They are listed by the last 4 digits of the student number. 100 points were necessary for the full mark.
5239 - 127
9501 - 90
3154 - 88
8165 - 82
8691 - 80
2030 - 74
2798 - 58
8018 - 54
5607 - 47
5138 - 39
1784 - 34
0147 - 30
6869 - 27
0413 - 16
2466 - 13
1397 - 9
8754 - 8

Nov.29 STUDENTS CAN COME TO WRITE TEST 3 ON DECEMBER 5 FROM 7:30 TO 9 PM IN CLH E . The instructor will be in the room on this date from 6 pm. Last-minute questions can be asked and some general reviewing observations will be added.
Students who do not wish to write test 3 on the date of Dec.5 are free to do so and no questions will be asked, neither will they be penalized.

Nov.22 The third test will be held on December 5 . On November 28 we shall conclude the material to be covered from chapter 5 and we shall continue with a review of the material for the test.

Nov.14 The solutions to test 2 are posted in the mathlab and by the office door of Geanina Tudose (N629 Ross).

Nov.12 For 4.1.1, 4.2-4.4, 4.7 you should work exercises 1 to 12 p.166, 1 to 22 and 26 to 32 p.174, 1 to 38 p. 189, 1 to 23 p.197, 1 to 27 p.227, 1 to 11 page 229 and all the examples from these paragraphs. Some additional exercises will be posted in the mathlab. They can be picked up from a folder which is affixed by the door of N511 Ross. They can also be viewed on the course site at homeworks.

Nov.8 The classes are continuing. Once again, from Oct. 31 to Nov. 28 we are covering the material from 4.1.1, 4.2---4.4, 4.7, 5.1---5.3.3.
The students who missed the second test (Oct.31) will be given the possibility to write a make-up test. The date for the make-up test will be decided by Geanina Tudose AFTER the end of the strike.
The third test will be held, regardless of the strike being ended or not being ended at that time. For those who will decide not to write the third test, there will also be the possibility to write a make-up test also after the end of the strike, at a time when everybody had the chance to catch up with the material to be tested.
No estimation on make-up dates will be made before the strike ends.
The information on organization and material to follow for the next semester will be given by the instructors who will be teaching at that time.

Oct. 30 From Oct. 31 until the end of this term your instructor is Mihaela Iancu. The lectures will continue (6-9, CLH E) throughout the strike. The material for the third test will consist of 4.1.1, 4.2---4.4, 4.7, 5.1---5.3.3. In addition to the preset consultations, a supplementary consultation hour is offered on Tuesdays (3-4, N638 Ross).

Oct. 26 THE TEST AND THE LECTURE ON TUESDAY OCT.31 WILL TAKE PLACE AS SCHEDULED. Students who decide not to cross the picket lines will have the opportunity to write a make-up test after the strike. Meanwhile all lectures will continue.

Oct. 23 Some guidelines for the 2nd test on Oct 31st. It will cover Chap. 1-2-3 with emphasis on Chap. 3.
Students with last name A--K will write in CLH-E, and L--W will write in Behavioural Science Building room 164. If you are in the correct room you will get 5 bonus points.
There will be a lecture after the test.

Oct. 23 These are the solutions for the even numbered problems in the last assignment.

Oct. 16 You can check these EXAMPLES of problems from past years tests from Chap 1-2-3. Some hard copies are also available in MathLab(in the 1505 box).
Two copies of the textbook are available on reserve in Steacie Science Library.

Oct. 16 The second test, On Oct 31 will be basically from the textbook problems. ("Basically" means slight changes). Working the assigned questions, coming to tutorials (especially Wednesday evening), asking me all the questions that you are having troubles, etc. will give you a definite advantage for all future tests.

Oct.13 The following are the answers to the even # pbs in the homework:
3.1 6. f'(1)=0
8. f'(pi/2)=0 -done in class
14. y=-4x+2
20. y=-4x+22
3.2 2. g'(s)= 35s^6+6s^2-5
4. f'(x)=2xsin(pi/3)
8. h'(s)=2rs

Oct. 11 I will hold tutorials every WEDNESDAY, from 5:30-6:30 in S525 Ross until the end of the term.

Oct. 9 I will hold a tutorial on WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11, in S525 Ross--MathLab, 5:30--6:30 to solve the test problems.

Oct. 6 Test solutions are posted outside my door N629 Ross and in MathLab (west wall and in the yellow box). Please, do not remove them.

Oct. 2 You will have priority in MathLab with your questions Mondays 11--12:30 and Fridays 12--1. The tutor in charge for this is also the following lecturer, Mihaela Iancu.

Sept. 25 Some guidelines for the test on October 3.

If you have a valid excuse for not taking the test you must contact me within a week of the test, otherwise a grade of 0 will be entered.

Sept. 22 The MathLab hours are now set: Monday-Thursday 11:00--4:00 and Friday 12--3:30 in S525 Ross.

Sept. 21 The other tutorial hour is now available Tuesdays 1:30--2:30 in 222 Stong College.

Sept. 20 Due to a very large number of errors and lack of proofs in the first preprint of the solution manual, the course directors have decided to wait for a later version before making it available to students.

Sept. 19 The assignment for the second week is updated. Check the homework link.

Sept. 17 For those students with a weak background in math I suggest using L.I. Holder, "A Primer for Calculus". In order to succeed in this course you must budget at least 10 hrs of individual work per week and take advantage of the multiple aids that are offered to assist you.

Sept. 15 The MathLab hours for the week Sept. 18-22 are Monday-Thursday 11:00--4:00 and Friday 12:00--4:00 in S525 Ross. They are subject to change for the following week. I will post the definite hours and also announce them in class as they become available.

Sept. 12 Tutorial offered by the Faculty of Science starting Sept 18:

Monday, Wednesday 2:30--3:30 in S537 Ross, tutorial leader L. Dong.