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MATH 1300.03F D Quiz 6 Friday, October, 29 1999


Student Number:tex2html_wrap_inline42 No.tex2html_wrap_inline44Marks tex2html_wrap_inline46

(20 Marks) Let tex2html_wrap_inline48.

(1) Find the intervals on which f is increasing or decreasing.

(2) Find the critical points of f.

(3) Evaluate the local maximum and local minimum values of f.

Solution: tex2html_wrap_inline62.

Let f'(x)=0. Then x=-2 and x=-3.

(1) f is increasing on tex2html_wrap_inline76 and tex2html_wrap_inline78, and decreasing on (-3,-2).

(2) The critical points of f are -3 and -2.

(3) The local maximum value is f(-3)=-10 and the local minimum value is f(-2)=-11.

Kunquan Lan
Fri Oct 29 12:01:07 EDT 1999