Information Technology (ITEC) - FAQ

Where is the Arts ITEC Undergraduate Office?

In the TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) Building, room 2005.
Phone: (416) 736-5232.

The current Coordinator of the ITEC Program is Radu Campeanu. The current UPD of the ITEC Program is Younes Benslimane.

I am a student in the Faculty of Arts, but I am not currently enrolled in the ITEC Program. Can I transfer into the ITEC Program as an ITEC Major?

Yes, this is possible.
You must complete a Change of Major/Program Form. This form is obtained from the Registrar's Office ( Student Services Centre Building ) or the Arts ITEC Undergraduate Office (TEL 3065). The form is also available online at the Registrar's Office web site. your student information at the top of the form and complete the section below for the Faculty of Arts. The form is then submitted to the ITEC Office for approval, and then to the Registrar's Office ( Student Services Centre Building ).

Note : Faculty of Arts students wishing to transfer to ITEC must demonstrate math proficiency before the transfer is approved. If you have no university math credits; the entrance requirement is Grade 12 U Math course (with a minimum grade of 70%).

I am interested in transferring into the ITEC Program. When can I do this?

Academic transfers should be done following the academic year (end of exams in April), up to the second week of September. Please contact the Registrar Office.

I am a student at York University , but I am not enrolled in the Faculty of Arts. I am interested in transferring into the ITEC program, can I?

Yes, this is possible.
Your first step is to transfer to the Faculty of Arts. You must complete a Faculty Transfer Form. This form is obtained from the Registrar's Office ( Student Services Centre Building ) or the Arts ITEC Undergraduate Office (TEL 3065). The form is also available online at the Registrar's Office web site. this form you can specify that you would like to major in ITEC). All completed forms are returned to the Registrar's Office. You will be notified if/when the transfer is successful.

Note : You must have a minimum overall GPA of 4.0 to transfer to the Faculty of Arts. If you are transferring into an Honours program, your GPA must be 5.0. To declare your major as ITEC, you must meet the math requirements, as outlined in FAQ #3.

What cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is required to be in the ITEC program?

In the Faculty of Arts, to graduate in the 90-credit BA Program, a student's cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) for all courses taken must be at least a 4.0. To graduate in an Honours Program, the student must pass at least 120-credits with a cumulative GPA of at least 5.0.

I failed a course, took the course again, and then passed it. Is the failing grade still used in calculating my cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)?

No. As of Fall 2002, only the second grade (passing grade) will be calculated in a student's GPA. Please note that the record of both the first time and second time the course was taken will appear on the student's transcript, with the first course (failed course) stating "No Credit Retained."

I received a D in one of my required ITEC courses. Can I take the course again to raise my GPA?

Maybe, only if it is a required course that requires a higher grade for admission to later courses .

(See the Program Coordinator if a higher grade is needed for admission to later courses.)

As stated in York 's main calendar, "A student who has received a passing grade for a course may not repeat that course or take an equivalent or excluded course for degree credit." However, students are allowed to retake a passed course once for academic degree or certificate credit only if the student has failed to achieve sufficient standing to proceed in a core or prerequisite course in a degree or certificate program, and if no alternative remedies are provided. When a student is allowed to repeat a passed course for academic degree or certificate credit, the second grade will be the grade of record and the only grade calculated in the student's grade point average. A course can be credited only once towards satisfaction of academic degree or certificate credit requirements. The record of both the first time and second time the course was taken will appear on the student's transcript, with the first course designated as "No Credit Retained".

Note : It is a Faculty of Arts requirement that a student maintain a cumulative GPA of 4.0 for a BA Program or a cumulative GPA of 5.0 for an Honours BA Program, as outlined in FAQ #6.

Does York University offer a Masters degree in ITEC?

No. We expect to offer an ITEC Masters degree at some point in the future, but, at present, this is not available. Students who make careful choices in their elective courses may better prepare themselves for related graduate work. For example, York and other universities in Canada often have MBA specialization in Information Systems or Technologies. The focus of these programs is very much on the management of business with a high degree of Information Technology dependence (i.e., not the implementation or design of such systems). Alternatively some students might want to consider the Masters in Information Systems program at the University of Toronto . Be aware that most graduate programs expect a student to have done an Honours program, and to have achieved a B+ or better in the final two years.

I am an ITEC Major in the Faculty of Arts. Is it true that all my electives must be Faculty of Arts' courses?

No. The Faculty of Arts has an in-faculty requirement that 50% of your courses must be taken within the Faculty. So, taking some of your courses from Atkinson, Science, etc., is fine.

Note : For Arts students, an in-faculty course has an AS prefix in the course code.

What courses may I take toward my "electives" requirement in the ITEC Program?

For honours ITEC degree students, you can take any course as an elective. For ordinary ITEC degree students, you are required by the Faculty to complete eighteen (18) credits of "electives", which may not include extra courses in the major, or courses such as MATH 1710 or MATH 1550, which are considered preparatory courses for courses required in the major. The "electives" can be taken from any Faculty, and at any level --- though students should always be careful to plan courses so as to satisfy the Faculty of Arts regulations regarding upper-level credits:

For the ordinary BA --- of the Group B, Group C and elective credits, at least nine (9) credits must be at the 3000-level or 4000-level.
For the Honours BA --- at least 36 credits at the 3000-level or above, including at least eighteen (18) credits at the 4000-level or above. Of the Group B and Group C, six (6) credits must be at the 4000-level.

For double majors, of the Group B and Group C credits, three (3) credits must be at the 4000-level and there must also be 12 credits at the 4000-level in the second major.

I am having trouble finding a Group B/C course, since many are not offered this year. Can I take a substitute course and have it count for Group B/C credit?

Maybe. It would be nice if every Group B/C course was offered every year, but, unfortunately, they are not. "Yes", substitutions are permitted, but only if some criteria are met. The criteria are as follows:

1. The course fits one of the streams in Group B (applied ethics or public policy), or Group C (some relevance to information technology), 2. The evaluation in the substitute course includes writing (e.g., essays), 3. Approval is granted by the ITEC UPD and a note is added to your file.

It is the student's responsibility to find such courses and demonstrate that the above criteria are met. If you find such a course and wish to take it for Group B/C credit, please make an appointment to see the ITEC UPD . You may be required to provide the course description and any other detailed information on the course (e.g., a course handout describing the content and evaluation). The ITEC web site will link to a list of known courses as they are discovered.

I have advance standing (or transfer) credits. Can I get exemption from any prerequisites or from taking any of the required courses in the ITEC Program?

Maybe. Please make your inquiry through the ITEC Undergraduate Office (see FAQ #1).

Be prepared to provide (a) your Statement of Advance Standing, (b) the photocopy of your transcript, given to you by admissions, indicating the courses for which you were granted credit, (c) relevant documentation, such as course descriptions from your previous institute.

Note : Some exemptions may already be indicated on your Statement of Advance Standing, e.g., General Education requirements or certain MATH courses.

I am an ITEC student with transfer credits from another institution. Do I need to take ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011)?

Yes, unless your Statement of Transfer Credits indicates that you have been given degree credit exclusion for this course. The same is true for other courses. Degree credit exclusions are indicated at the bottom your Statement of Transfer Credits, e.g., "You may not take MATH 1300, ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011), etc.".

If you do not have degree credit for ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011), or any other course, yet you feel you should based on previous studies, then you should ask for a re-assessment of your transcript. Go to the Admissions Office ( Student Services Centre Building ) and ask for your transcript to be re-assessed. Make sure you tell Admissions (a) which course you deserve credit for and (b) which course on your transcript is equivalent. Make sure you bring detailed course descriptions and any other information that may assist in the re-assessment.

I have transferred (or am about to transfer) from Computer Science to ITEC. I have successfully completed COSC 1020. Can I get an exemption from either ITEC 1010 or ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011)?

Maybe. If you have successfully completed COSC 1020, with at least a C average, plus any one of MATH 1310, 2090, 1025, or 2221, with at least a C average, then you are exempt from ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011). No exemption will be given for ITEC 1010, since this course includes minimal overlap with COSC 1020.

I have taken MATH 1013, PHYS 1010, and COSC 1020. Can these (or other) credits be transferred into the ITEC Program?

Yes. All university-level credits that you have completed, or have been granted in advanced standing transfer from another university, will be retained in your transfer to the ITEC program, as outlined in FAQ #14. However, specific ITEC program requirements must still be met. If your specific case is not handled by the list but still seems like a reasonable substitute, please arrange to meet with the ITEC UPD.

Is there a required order in which the math courses 2560 (or 1131), 2570, 1190 and 2320 must be taken?

No. Except that MATH 1190 must be completed before MATH 2320 is taken, and MATH 2560 (or 1131) must be completed before MATH 2570 is taken.

I have taken MATH 1550 6.0 (or MATH 1530/1540). May I obtain an exemption for any of the ITEC core math requirements?

For students who have done one of these two sets of 6-credits, before transferring into ITEC, the program will waive the requirement of MATH 2570.

Is there a required order in which ITEC 1010 and ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011) must be taken?

No. ITEC 1010 and ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011) may be taken in either order or even simultaneously.

Can I participate in the Internship Program offered by ITEC?

Yes, if you are eligible. The ITEC internship program is available to Arts students in the Honours ITEC program after their 3rd year of study. To be eligible, a B average or higher is required in your math, computer science, and ITEC courses, as well as strength in your writing courses. The "3rd year of study" criterion is met if you have completed 90 credits toward your Honours degree, including ITEC 1010, ITEC 1000 (formerly ITEC 1011), ITEC 2010, ITEC 3210, ITEC 3220, ITEC 3230, and the required Mathematics courses, plus at least some of the Group B/C courses. Eligibility to participate is given by the ITEC UPD.

For additional details on the Internship program, please visit the web site:, or contact Career Centre.

I transferred over as a former Computer Science major. Do I need to take additional credits to graduate?

No. The six new ITEC Courses replace the one-for-one the six former ITEC/COSC courses currently in the curriculum.

In order to graduate, you must have the following: COSC/ITEC 1020 or the new ITEC 1620 COSC/ITEC 1030 or the new ITEC 2620 COSC/ITEC 2011 or the new ITEC 1630 COSC/ITEC 3241 or the new ITEC 3220 COSC/ITEC 3461 or the new ITEC 3230 COSC/ITEC 2021 or the new ITEC 4030 (Honours programs only)

I noticed that COSC 1030 becomes ITEC 2620 and COSC 2011 becomes ITEC 1630, what happened?

As you all know, COSC1020 is a highly compressed course. We will be slightly reducing the content in ITEC1620 to allow for greater depth of coverage. The remaining material will be taught in ITEC1630. We will also supplement ITEC1630 with new material on applets and graphics that we believe will be more relevant to your career as ITEC professionals (as distinct from computer scientists). The material taught in COSC2011 (i.e. abstract data structures) will be dropped from the ITEC curriculum.

Note : COSC/ITEC 1030 and ITEC 2620 will be highly similar in content and level.

I have taken COSC/ITEC 1020 and COSC/ITEC 1030, which course should I take next?

You should take ITEC 1630.

Note : you may also be eligible to take ITEC 3210, ITEC 3220, and/or ITEC 3230 at the same time, depending on your grade in COSC/ITEC 1030.

I have only taken COSC/ITEC 1020, which course should I take next?

You should take ITEC 1630.

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