Appendix: Utility Programs

This appendix describes the adiitional utility programs that are included in the MHonArc distribution. The utility programs are installed with mhonarc during the installation process.


mha-dbedit allows modifications to be made to an archive database without regenerating any archive pages.

Typical usage:

    % mha-dbedit -rcfile res.mrc -outdir /path/to/archive


mha-dbrecover recreates an archive database from the individual message pages. This program is useful if an archive database gets corrupted, or accidentally deleted.

Typical usage:

    % mha-dbrecover -outdir /path/to/archive

If the archive used different resource settings from the defaults for controling filenames, then you must specify those settings when invoking mha-dbrecover. For example, if you are using "shtml" for HTMLEXT, then you should invoke mha-dbrecover like as follows:

    % mha-dbrecover -htmlext shtml -outdir /path/to/archive

mha-dbrecover will only recreate non-layout message related data. If the archive had resource settings that were different than the the defaults, then those resource settings must be specified when invoking mha-dbrecover. For example:

    % mha-dbrecover -rcfile res.mrc -outdir /path/to/archive


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