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From Tom Salisbury :
(dated July 11, 2000)

I am pleased to announce that Neal Madras will be joining the 
NSERC Grant Selection Committee (Statistics) this coming year, for
a three year term.

Congratulations, Neal!


1998 Pierre Robillard Award
Masoud Asgharian picture Masoud Asgharian has been awarded the 1998 Pierre Robillard Award. This award recognizes the best doctoral thesis in statistics defended at a Canadian university in 1998. This was announced at this year's Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada.
Congratulations Masoud!!
Dr. Masoud Asgharian

Spelman College (Atlanta, Georgia) Convocation
Honoray Degrees Recipients, May 16,1999
Dr. Lee Lorch, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at York University in Toronto, Canada, has not only made significant contributions to the field of mathematics but also has been a tireless fighter for human rights and educational opportunities for minorities and women.
Lee Lorch picture His more than 75 mathematical publications have illuminated several difficult problems and have generated international interest. Dr. Lorch is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has been elected to the Councils of the Canadian and American Mathematical Societies. He served as Chair of the Mathematics Department at Fisk University and Philander Smith College, and as a Visiting Professor at Spelman College and Howard University.
Dr. Lee Lorch
Dr. Lorch, who has held positions at seven international universities and several other institutions in the United States, has waged a long, courageous and continuing struggle for civil rights and equal educational opportunities for minority groups. His struggle was carried on at great personal cost including loss of employment. In the early I940s he was dismissed from the City College of New York for attempting to end racial segregation in Stuyvesant Town, a large housing development in New York City. He later lost his position at Pennsylvania State University for subletting his apartment to Stuyvesant Town to a black family. He lost his position at Fisk University after attempting to force the Mathematical Association of America to admit his black mathematics department colleagues to a banquet at the regional meeting in Nashville and after attempting to enroll his daughter in the neighborhood school in the black neighborhood surrounding Fisk University. He has provided invaluable encouragement to women and African American women, in particular, to pursue higher degrees in mathematics. His teaching style, encouragement and mentoring have been immensely influential in producing African American mathematicians who are currently working at colleges and universities across the nation. Three of his Fisk students are among the first 10 African American women to earn the Ph.D. in mathematics. He has been recognized for his contributions to human rights through awards from several universities and national organizations.
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